Thursday, October 30, 2014


By Baraka Mfunguo,

To my brothers and sisters of Burkina Faso, you have started a journey where there is no point of return. It is a journey that involves a heavy sacrifice and payments. I urge you brothers to strengthen your solidarity against a totalitarian and authoritarian puppet who killed our own African brother Thomas Sankara. Yes he is a puppet and it is well known. As old saying " Every dog has his day", its time for Blaise Campaore , a traitor of all Burkinabes, to go.

In Africa we have many examples of puppet regimes which during colonialism pretended to be revolutionaries, but at the climax of the cold war they diverted and become blood suckers, blood mongers of the capitalist system, became instrument that suppressed hope and prosperity of their brothers and sisters. It is these people that we entrusted them with authority and` power through a ballot box and go against our will through the entire continent. Their families are being bankrolled by multinational companies while their brothers and sisters at their own backyards are starving with hunger, malnutrition, illiteracy and injustice.

We must get rid with them, we must tell them this is not the way and we must tell them we have what you and other fools who got drunk with power don't have. You must not forget to tell him how Napoleon got out of power. How ever, you must remember there are also traitors in your midst who pretend to be part and parcel of your cause. Therefore you must have a best strategy that will determine the future of all the Burkinabes. 

As for you Blaise, your time has come .Even though you can get rid of this  cause  through your puppet connections, you must remember, it is not for you for a Bukina Faso to be. It is the fate of the Burkinabes that determines the direction of Burkina Faso. So resign before its too late. We demand  the blood of our brother who you betrayed before anything else . Thomas Sankara was a brother to us. You have taken him from us and now its the time to pay the price for what you have taken from us. 

Tanzanians will learn and hopeful all hypocrites in the  Tanzanian ruling political system get alerted. Sooner or later they are going to be wiped out by street children, unemployed youth, people who were denied or obstructed by authorities conspiracy  to get justice because of corruption, women and children who are being denied health services because of their status and people who are tired with their political lies and fake promises. Times are changing. They will not believe when people stand up against them. Go Burkina Faso, Go Burkinabes your spirit is your source of strength, your solidarity is the source of hope and the new future of your beloved country.

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