Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The Late Dr. Sengodo Mvungi former Dean of Faculty of Law UDSM (Now School of Law), Senior Lecturer and the Member of  United Republic of Tanzanian New Constitution Review Committee(Apponted by the  President of URT)

By  Baraka Mfunguo,

R.I.P Sengodo Mvungi, its not the killers that we want to know, its their intentions and desires  that pains me the most . Now they have taken you but the thing that they forgot is that the seed you planted (as they are definitely thinking right now) will not die it will utterly grow and flourish like a shining sun.

You were brave, You fought for what you believed was right and all that remains is for others to learn.  With their hypocrisy they will cry crocodile tears and describe how the loss has damaged their reputation to their direction and the path they wish to arrive. What they forget is that by falsifying the truth by making others to believe  for a while. At the same time they know that is the truth as result of their  embroidery, politrickery and conspiracy theories that aims to kill the doubts . As a result  the public shall begin to inquire even more and mistrust and anger grows more and more .

Indeed one has to think and ask himself very careful how those punks come attack your house and went away with laptops like they have nothing to loose. I do not criticise and denounce the responsible authorities, but my conscience tells me that there is discrepancy someplace somewhere that needs to be addressed before its too late. 

 We need to fish em all, we do not believe to what you are going to say about those punks  to the media and rising up machetes to the camera for the public to see. They are many like it and no one would contest whether it is real or not by making us believe that Mvungi has gone and it was normal. No! This has to be investigated if there were motives behind.

They have gone too far!

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