Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It s is very sad to hear how things got so heated up and most of us got stuck in the middle. Racism is on going phenomenon regardless of race or color. People are being subjected to all of these because racism in America, is being institutionalised where as majority of African American people are being subjected to all sorts of harassments, negative perceptions, hallo effects. Every crime committed  first impression will be African American even though there are worst being commited by the so called all American heroes. 

The law is not even fair for African Americans, they are being imprisoned at a very early maturity of age and it is the vicious system that never ends even if there is a black president. The system doesn't allow him to alter anything in place until his tenure and presidency ends. Furthermore the hypocrisy within the brotherhood has resulted to all of the injustices that have existed for decades but they change as time goes by. Most of us are thinking that lynching  has been abolished years ago, they are wrong. Lynching has turn itself into another format, and we as Africans we are being subjected to it because of the US Capitalist policy and other conspiracy.

Here is the letter from the recovered racist in response to the acquittal of Mr Zimmerman who murdered Trayvon Martin an African American teenager in cold blood.

-Baraka Mfunguo

Here it is: Hi, I’m Paul, and I’m not Trayvon Martin, I am a recovering racist.

I am not Trayvon Martin. In fact, I am a racist. A recovering racist might be a better description. I’m 54 years old and was born and raised in the South. When I grew up, black people were an inferior race. They did low work for us. They lived in different parts of town. We made jokes at their expense. You can imagine the words that we called black people. That’s just how it was. It was institutionalized. Society supported the idea. Now, I am older. I know better. I know that all people are equal and deserve equal rights. And blacks, Latinos, Pilipinos, Vietnamese, and mixed race couples live in my neighborhood. It’s a very good thing. But if you think that I have managed to clean out 10 to 15 years of racial indoctrination, through knowledge and willpower, you would be sadly mistaken. It’s just not that easy. No matter how much my intellect and emotions tell me different. There is that little kernel that is lodged deep within me. I don’t like it. But if I ignore it and pretend that it is not there, it will come out in so many unexpected ways. It will find ways to be racist without looking overtly racist. Left alone, it is dangerous.

I don’t hate myself because of this kernel. I like myself. That thing is down there. But I couldn’t pick where and how I was born and brought up any more than Trayvon Martin could pick his color. It is part of me and will be until I die. But I hope and pray that my brand of institutionalized racism will die with me. I’m not Trayvon Martin, but there is a part of me that is scared and wary of a black youth for no other reason than his race. That part assumes and imagines the worst. It’s sad and wrong, I know. But it’s there. My job, as a recovering racist, is never ever to act on that part. My job is to remember what is true about people. My job is not to pass my racism off to my kids and grandkids. My job is to not assume that a black person in a hoodie walking alone in my neighborhood at night is clearly up to know good, no matter what that part says. I have my own sort of neighborhood watch. But I watch those parts of myself that are stuck inside me.

Like an alcoholic, I will never be cured - just recovering. Hi I’m Paul, and I’m a recovering racist.

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