Monday, August 13, 2012


By Steven Ramesses Sharra,

The curtains have dropped and the show is over. For over 2 weeks we have witnessed the greatest show on earth, the real world of athletism, here is where the competetions were for the pride of the athletes countries. Obvious money will follow up later on but the spirit of the competetions is what i call real sports.

Whooaa!!! what a show, First and foremost BIG UP TO TEAM GB. To mention a few of the outstanding talents, Jessica Ennis, Nicola Adams, Andy Murray, Mo Farah , Sir Chris Hoy, and Joshua Anton. There is so many of them it will take a whole page to mention them. I hope you had a chance to glance at their performance . The competetions were fair and square. We have seen efforts from many countries ranging from the smallest to the biggest of them all, from the poorest to the richest countries all competing under one banner of fair play and spirit of humanism. It strikes me that of the poorest countries which stood out for me were two small islands , the Jamaican contingent and the Cuban powerhouse. If you have analysed the statistics you will realise that Jamaica is country of just about 3 million people, it is smaller than Mkoa wa Morogoro is terms of sizes but it sent over 40 athletes to compete at the olympics in london, they won 12 medals including 4 gold thanks to the ever wonderfull and magical ''el senor Usain Bolt'' and Co for unsettling the the Northern Giant (USA). Their determination will stay in history of athletism forever, it is also worthy noting that for a small island evolving from colonialism nd neo-colonialism, the government of that country deserve alot of credits for creating and maintaining the culture of sports.Big up to Jamaica !!!!!!

Cuba on the other hand has a population of 11 million people, they sent to london 110 athletes to compete in wide range of sports and athletics. Their tradition strong position of being the powerhouse of Boxing was also well represented. The won 14 medals in total including 2 Gold medals in Boxing. Again the story is similar, they are also evolving from colonialism and neo colonialism trying to builld Socialism in the 21st century. Their government is known for commitments to sports and athletics, i dont need to go any further on that. Also note that Cuba and Jamaica are the only 2 countries from the developing world to be in the Top 20 Of the Medals table. Spain were awful, India was oblivious and the Arabian peninsula countries were mediocre in their performances.

On the other hand Tanzania has an interesting story and interesting people. Everyday the Arm-Chair Facebook Celebrities have alot to talk about nothing really, this also reflect the state of affairs in the country. Tanzania is a country over 40 million people, rich in natural resources than the 2 countries i mention above (Cuba and Jamaica),larger in size than the 2 countries put together,but Tanzania sent in only 8 athletes, amongst them some very poor swimmers ,one abysmal boxer and the rest were athletic runners, very poor runners at best. This was a team of comfortable tourist because they were all Loosers who never made it even to the elimination rounds. At least they must have enjoy the experience and the British Hospitality. This paint only one picture and that picture is TANZANIA IS A NATION ALLERGIC TO SPORTS. I hope someone can prove me wrong in this because all the Tanzanian Arm-Chair Facebook Celebrities have alot to talk everyday but none of them dared to even give a honest analysis of the games and the times we are living. With this kind of mentality our future generations will inherit the mantle of a NATION OF LOOSERS who last won a medal in 1980 at the games in Moscow and they were 2 silder medals by Filbert Bayi and Ikangaa .

I hope that by the show displayed in London during the opening and the closing ceremonies and also during the games one will want to ask why didnt anybody hear anything about the Tanzanian athletes. We always wonder why Kenya is well ahead in Tourism business than TZ, the answer lies in the fact Kenya knows how to advertise themselves to the world morethan us. Their Athletes also deserve credit in Taking the name of their country to the world. I thought i should bring this one up before I formally pay tribute to you from all of us for your magnificent achievement because as you know i always view the BIGGER PICTURE of things and events.

Due to the nature of the last battle you had ,it has not been possible to make contact with you before your return to the frontline. Seldom has a brother been more brilliant than you,my only serious failing was not having had more confidence in you from the first moments and not having understood quickly enough your qualities as strategist and a victor. Our brief time in Leeds reminds me of the magnificent days, when you decided the direction of your future. I am also proud of you having identified what you needed to learn from me and use it to get you to the level you are now. Due to the nature of my responsibilities i am denied the ability to do what you will be able to do. Give my old lady a big hug and tell her the other little old lady in USA is doing fine too.Happy birthday too when it comes.

I am saying this with a mixture of joy and sorrow because i missed the opportunity to give you a big hug due to my extremely busy work schedules,i cannot forgive myself for missing your Graduation too but also i have great confidence in your new battlefront and future aspirations. The merits you have are well earned and they are your crowning glory. Be firm and confident in your actions. Remember wherever I am, I will always feel the responsibility of solidarity with you.

I would have many things to say to you and to our people, but i feel they are unnecessary. Words cannot express what i would like them to, and there is no point in scribbling pages.

I embrace you with all my revolutionary fervor,you are my 5 stars General.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre! (Ever Onward to Victory)

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