Monday, July 9, 2012


By Stephen Rameses Sharra,

For 14 billion years our planet has been revolving around the solar system,many things have happend during this time period and the 21st century is not an exception.The extreme weather conditions here in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and South America have demonstrated that nothing is ever going to be the same again. The changes happening in the universe (galaxies and stars systems) are nothing like we have ever experienced.According to the astrophysics this rearrangement in the stars and galaxies system happens every 10,000 years and the current scientific world does not have informations to refer to in order to interprate the changes.

Today i want to bring to your attention the information regarding surviving the 21st century on how to navigate through your life. After many months of work(in the sugarcane plantation) and own private studies research and corresponding with scientists from around the world, i would like to share this with you and all those who would like to learn.

Relative to all the changes happening in the universe our bodies are also changing, everything is in the changing process, informations that are coming from scientific communities seems to affirm that the cells of your body, the biulding blocks of your tissues are immortal, how these tissues remain immortal depends on the state of consciusness, therefore the deteriorations of the cells of your body or the metamorphic adaptation is determined solely by your state of consciousness.

Please do not lock into supposition that what you see in the mirror is supposed to be the ideal best for you in this 21st century. It is not, the reason is the process of metamorphosis which we are all going through at this time. Remember this is a 10,000 years change over for our entire solar system and our entire planet therefore everything is changing in such a way that we really do not have a history or the institutions dont have any references dating back to the previous 10,000 years on how the tissues of our bodies or everything else is supposed to beheave.

Saying that then can we really lock into a perception that is factual for this 21st century? The answer is no, and the reason be most of our sources of information like Tv,radio,news papers etc hardly speak about this phenomenon and even if they wanted to speak about it there is no one with factual information in the entire scientific communities of the planet let alone the medical system. Before i proceed further i must say, please be very very careful and cautious when seeking medical advices which will render your symptoms as dis-ease and immediately medicate you or suggest the removal of the body as part of the treatment.

At this stage i would like to recall basic quantum physics in order to explain the concept of light and its relationship with the melanin pigment , this will enable to bring us into a full circle everything in our discussion below. According to ancient knowledge and latest quantum physics researches everything start /did start with light.This means your body, the trees, rocks, water, ice, and just about everything else you see is composed and made up of light, light which is made up of even smaller particles known as photons.

The biological living encapsulation of light in our bodies is the melanin, reseachers have proved and confirmed that everyliving thing originate from melanin, this means all the componets of the cells (nucleus, cytoplasm, mitochondia etc) are made up of this biological living light.Interesting enough they have also confirmed that our entire immune system is dependant on the melanin microtubule system in the brain. In the past melanin was rendered unimportant and was just seen as something that gives colour to our skin,retina and define the texture of our hair. Interestingly this dark matter particle (melanin)is also found in the universe, they call it dark matter particles of the universe.

Therefore to define melanin correctly we are going to use the space concept of dark matter. Since everything starts with light then what really appear to be dark/black is really light which has been folded upon itself and there is nothing reflected back to our retina and the substance or the space appear to be dark. When the angles of the photons changes and begin to move away from itself you begin to see what you call light following the different geometrical arrangement of the photons (speed,direction and space). This will lead to different colours formation. Therefore everything is compsoed of light folding upon itself whatever its initial creation. Pure concentrated melanin is black. Everybody/every race originate from melanin as a pre requisite for existance in this dimension, it is found in all cells,nucleuses,genes,chromosomes,mitochondria,cell walls,organeles etc.All are covered with this concentrated photon particles of light known as melanin. Interestingly how the melanin function and demonstrate in our tissues is relative to the state of consciousness.

Because we are composed of light, in an ever changing system and the movemnts of planets in space, all organism are also changing, it doesnt matter if this can be observed by individual or not. Everything is changing in our planetary system and in the universe. Everyday there is new emissions from the sun Pleid stars system which has been changing,our soil is changing, the amount of minerals and microorganisms in it is changing,our water is changing in terms of quality, composition and purity bearing in mind all the radiation from nuclear explosions and land pollution.

The plants are also changing, new sub spicies emerging,species dying out, mutations etc. The air is changing too, there is more nitrogen in the atmosphere and less oxygen, the percentage of oxygen is reportedly to have decreased to 17%, the percentage lost (4%) is accounted in the increased percentage of nitrogen, Our bodies now have an increased ability to cope with this phenomenon. We are at an incredible time in the history of the planet where everything is in total shift/change( the planetary system, solar system, galaxy system and the universe).

Like i stated before there is no materials references from previous 10,000 years on how to deal with these changes which are affecting us and the planet. My concerns is my coalegues havent been prepared/well informed or brought up to date with information from quantum physics,geophysics,astrophysics and astrology on about the direct effects of this total transformation of light is potentially going to exhibit in our bodies.

With all the information of the mysterious death of bats,birds,fish and bees disappearing from the planet which threaten pollination and survival of the plants, it is imperative to acknowledge that we are also changing.If you use your TV set as an educational source you can learn relatively easy because there is always a tell tale clues.Dont be fooled into believing in the entertainment and PESSIMISTIC RELIGIOUS ideas and values which are meant to keep you preoccupied with fantasy while offering no explanations with sound evidence on what is happening to our planet. No one is telling you that you are changing yet you are running around trying to get some diagnosis and a prescription over a complaint that you dont understand and neither the established medical paradigm.

It is no coincidence that our sources of information (tv,internet etc) keeps telling us about how wonderful the Pharmaceutical Giants are with their reportouire of drugs they have, which they claim is the solution to your symptoms. These Pharmaceutical Giants takes no responsibilities for what will happen to you if you ingest their drugs after they finish giving you a wonderful compelling scenario of why you should be taking their drugs, the trick is in the informed consent which places you under their contract at your own risk.

The QUESTION that still remain is Why so many SYMPTOMS?

Why so many diabetes, why so much cases of hypertension, PROSTATE CANCER, FIBROID TUMOURS, AIDS, etc? It will appear from an outer space visitor that the human species is becoming very weak and moving rapidly towards extinction despite hitting 7 billion population number last year. When you travel across the world you can immediatelly know the state of health of that country by just looking what provisions are in place i.e hospitals, specialist hospitals of enormous sizes and facilities. Also the types of food they eat,regular water intake and the amount and quality of sleep are the other parameters which can tell you the state of well being of that community. Huge Hospitals which renders healthcare from disease perspective denotes struggling and ailing state of health.

So with all the symptoms that individuals are experiencing i submit a question; are you going through a disease process or are you going through a metamorphosis? Metamorphosis can be defined as a a change in physical form,structure of a substance especially by supernatural means i.e not able to pinpoint the cause of the changes. It appears that many medical conditions have been listed as of unknown origin/cause, all my friends who are the GOOD PHYSICIANS can testify to this at least at the level they are at.

At this critical time in the history of our planet and our lives, all of us who are experiencing this moment and the time to come are well equiped to deal with the transformation. Genetically we have the genes, or i should say we have had the genes all along which have the capacity to interprate the information which is being radiated to them. The capacity to interprate this information is directly related to the state of consciousness of an individual. Therefore individuals who are still using erroneous outdated cultural and religious views to navigate their lives will interprate the adjustment request asked by their bodies as diseases. This is the root cause of the ever increasing symptoms complaints which floods our offices on daily basis, the good physicians can testify to that.

Everything on the planet is changing, the air,water,weather,sunlight,soil,rocks etc are all changing what makes you think you are not changing? It is not even logical to think so. The air we breathe is changing, there is more nitrogen in the air composition than before, which means your tissues have had to adapt to this situation. The soil that we grow food is different, the water is also changing given the nuclear radiation factors and industrial pollution. Also worthy considering that the amount fresh water is decreasing which spells the wars of the future.

The SUN, the chief source of energy has recently been ejecting massive waves of electromagnetic spectrum which astrophysicists and quanta physicists agree that they have a massive effects on the energy levels of beings on our planet and the entire solar system. Unusual freak weathers, tsunami, earthquakes,land slades,disappearance of islands and the rise of new land masses from the sea etc all denote the fact that mother earth is changing and things will never be the same again. Since the energy spoken here is light, the electromagnetic spectrum, and also since we are all made up of light and our thoughts at certain frequencies acts or beheave like light, our minds can pick other frequencies similar to those of thought processes and translate them into a physical reality in our bodies.

Here is a subtle mind, what you choose to interprate the information radiated to you determines your control or lack of control of the changes or adaptations you have been asked to under go. In other words what you metamorphosise into you do have a control on how it should manifest. Therefore if you decide the symptoms which you are experiencing are of discomfort and suffering, immediately you will conclude that what you are having is a disease and the solution is to seek medical institutions for answers without bearing in mind they are also not informed on the changes or transformations.

Their solution is already prescribed, they have no time for intuition or wholistic approach, they immediately reach out for the repoirtoire of drugs from the GIANT GLOBAL PHARMACEUTICALS, WHO JUST HAPPEN TO BE IN THE BUSINESS OF SELLING HOPE. So are you going to adjust your state of consciousness to that of the universe so that you can correctly follow the path of the direction of your metamorphosis? Unfortunately most of you, and i say this with utmost respect and love are STILL STUCK ON STUDIP, ERRONEOUS,OUTDATED, PESSIMISTIC, COP OUT CULTURAL AND RELIGIOUS VALUE SYSTEMS AND BELIEFS which have no place and will serve no purpose in this 21st century.

It is extremely important to know that the tissues of your body are immortal, we do see a whole lot of things done with tissues harvested from dead people, these tissues goes on to live for years inside another body, these are tissues taken from a dead body, so were these tissues realy dead? The difference here is consciousness, if your consciousness deem an activity or an event impossible, all the cells of your body will receive this information and obey it. It has been proven that the human tissues can live for a minimum of 150 years to a maximum of 100,000 years when provided with right environment and nutrients. So what makes you think just because you are 45 years of age you have the right to have diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, wrinkling etc? Someone will whisper that ''these diseases run in their family history'', the truth is they run in your family if you allow them to do so, in other words what switch on and off these genes is your state of consciousness therefore you are the one who make that decision wheather you are going to have that experience of the disease given the information that is available to you. Remember what you are being asked here is to adjust your consciousnes with new information which will enable you to navigate your life towards the evolutionary metamorphosis.

The tissues of your body are immortal and are changing in resopnse to the universal changes , what is not changing is your state of consciousness which makes you interprate symptoms such as weight gain,hair loss,wind,depression,weight loss,endocrine disorders etc as diseases. So again, whatever the medical condition an individual has, degenerative or infective, you need to ask yourself what does it mean? Is it a request by your body for you to make adjustments in your state of consciousness in order for you to go along with the planetary changes or are they metamorphic symptoms of deterioration? Symptoms do not necessarily equate to a disease at this particular time and space.Therefore the 21st century man and woman need to get rid of old paradigms of diseases and symptoms which are outdated and not in synch with the evolutionary changes. Failure to do that your conclusion is the end process of your symptoms which is death. If you tell this to your tissues through the process of thought,it will become your reality.

Many people have come through cancer, A.I.D.S, fibroid tumours, TB, diabetes, alzheimers disease and even blindness without undergoing aggressive surgeries or chemotherapy just because they paid attention to the power of focus and mind. I have no doubt that western medicine has a place in casuality and emergencies but its failure to aknowledge the medical paradigms of much earlier cultures of Afrika, Asia and South America has rendered it incomplete and unable to reach its zenith as it supposed to. The failure to have a wholistic approach to an individual and the symptoms, the failure to utilise the power of the spirit which the the connection to the universe has virtually caught up with western medicine and the result is more pharmaceuticals and more evasive surgeries. What make the other ancient cultures medical paradigms unique is their ability to connect with the ASTRO world (the universe) which makes them suitable to interprate the present human metamorphosis. Whenever the power of focus and mind prevails my coalegues will term it a miracle because they would rather be right even though it meant you are supposed to die. If you are spending time with any institution which is not giving you information about the best you could be in 21st century because your cells and your tissues are ready to receive new instructions, it is SINFULL (S.I.N - SELF INFLICTED NONSENSE) and you should be getting your money back.

In this 21st century we should instill a culture of learning what composes a human being, Everybody should be able to to tell intelligently all parts of his/her body, all the organs, their location, their function etc Everybody should have the basic anatomy and physiology knowledge. For those wondering why? it is simple, you cannot appreciate what you have if you dont know how all these different components ,tissues,organs and systems makes who you are.







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