Thursday, February 23, 2012


The Kenya - Tanzania border in Taveta has been closed after motorist protested the increment of vehicle levy by Tanzania authorities.

The Tanzanian government has imposed a vehicle levy of USD200 for vehicles entering its borders.

Stranded travellers at the border have asked the Kenya and Tanzania governments to resolve the situation.

From Saturday, authorities from the two countries have held discussions on the issue, which has jeopardised the free movement of goods and people across the border “We have passengers who were heading to Moshi but we cannot move because of the new rules, which have been imposed by the Tanzanian government,” said Mr Salim Abushir, a driver with the Tahmeed Bus Services.

Mr Simon Karasha, a tour van driver accused Tanzanian Immigration officials of harassing travellers whenever they tried to cross the border.

“It is a pity that Tanzanians can trade in Kenya without any problem. We want out government to resolve the problem,” said Mr Karasha.

He added, “We cannot take tourist to Tanzania because of unknown reasons yet they (Tanzanians) can visit different tourist destinations in Kenya.”

The Daily Nation has established that Tanzanian traders plying trade at the busy Taveta market do so without valid work permits unlike their Kenyan counterparts who have been forced to acquire work permits to conduct business in Tanzania.


  1. Our Tanzanian brothers have always been a bit apprehensive about the integration of the E.A block. We ought to find diplomatic means of getting them to see the advantages of such integration. Harassing their traders won't do anyone any good. Let Kenya be the bigger man in this scuffle.

  2. Tanzanians are very poor people. They need our help and support. Just help them.

  3. Tanzania is more keen on being a member of SADC than it is to co-operate with its East African neighbours. Fair enough, and simple. Kenya should slap tarrifs and work permit conditions to even out what Tz is doing. Diplomacy works with diplomacy, while bilateral scores always even out.

  4. It has always been clear TZ ppl never like Kenyans. They are always uncomfortable with us for no reason, and they'll do everything to frustrate Kenyans if they can. They simply don't like Kenyans.

  5. There should be established guidelines for different levels of integration amongst the EAC countries so that countries that are ready to fast track integration can do so and the slow ones follow later. This way no one will feel pressured.

  6. Not only do the Tanzanians crosss into Kenya without problem they happily disobey all road rules and regulations and if involved in accidents simply disappear over the border to Tanzania

  7. Then I think we can conclude that Tanzania is the anti-integration force among the 5 countries. There is none other with such tendencies. All the Tanzanians in Gikomba,mombasa and other places doing petty business should be asked for work permits forthwith. Enough of kid gloves.

  8. equally, kenyans traders are also harrased in uganda.


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