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TORONTO — Barrick Gold Corp. says it is investigating allegations of sexual assaults against local women at one of its gold mines in Tanzania.

The company says the assaults are alleged to have taken place at the North Mara mine, which is owned and operated by Barrick's subsidiary, African Barrick Gold PLC (LSE:ABG).

The Toronto-based gold miner says that a preliminary investigation by ABG has found credible evidence of sexual assaults by members of the Tanzanian police and the company's security guards.

Barrick says local police are also probing the allegations and a senior level investigations unit will be deployed to the mine in the coming days.

The company says it is "deeply distressed" by the evidence that has emerged. Its own investigation is ongoing and the findings will be made public once the report is concluded.

Earlier this month, North Mara was the site of deadly clashes between police and a crowd of about 800 people trying to steal ore from the mine. Seven people were killed and a dozen more were injured.

Barrick says it has a zero tolerance approach to human rights violations and any employee implicated in human rights violations or other serious criminal acts will be terminated.

"These deplorable crimes, if confirmed, are neither acceptable nor excusable," the company said in a statement posted on their website Monday.

"They send a clear message to us that we have not met the promises we have made to the community, and to ourselves, to pursue responsible mining in every location where we and our affiliates operate. We can, and will, do more."

Barrick owns and operates gold mines in Canada, the U.S., Peru, Argentina, Chile, Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Its major development projects include Pueblo Viejo in the Dominican Republic, Cortez Hills in Nevada, and Pascua-Lama on the border between Argentina and Chile.


MIAMI - Hip-hop singer Sean Kingston has been stabilized and moved to the intensive care unit at a hospital after crashing his watercraft into a Miami Beach bridge, his publicist said Monday.

The publicist, Joseph Carozza, said Kingston's family is grateful for everyone's prayers and support.

Kingston and a female passenger were injured when the watercraft hit the Palm Island Bridge around 6 p.m. Sunday, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Jorge Pino said.

The Miami Herald reports that a passing boater saw the accident and took the two on board his vessel.

Both were hospitalized early Monday at Ryder Trauma Center, but Pino said he didn't know their conditions.

Authorities are investigating the crash, and "nothing at this point would indicate that alcohol played a role," Pino said.

Kingston rose to fame with his 2007 hit "Beautiful Girls" and was also featured on songs by artists including Justin Bieber. His self-titled debut album sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

On Twitter, Bieber posted a message of support for Kingston.

"Got my friend Sean Kingston in my prayers tonight," Bieber tweeted early Monday. "A true friend and big bro. Please keep him in your prayers tonight as well."

A number of hip-hop musicians were in Miami Beach over the weekend for Urban Beach Week.

In a 2007 interview with The Associated Press, Kingston described his music as a fusion of reggae, pop, rap and R&B.

"It's Sean Kingston genre. I have my own genre," Kingston told the AP at the time. "No disrespect to no artist or dudes out there. I feel like I am my own person. I am doing my own thing."

His music has been unique among hip-hop offerings, as Kingston refused to use profanity.

"To put it in my music, that's not the message I am trying to send out," he said in the 2007 interview. "That's not the type of artist I am trying to be."

Monday, May 30, 2011



Uranium is among the newest entrant in the long litany of mineral resources to be mined in Tanzania. This venture follows the current discovery of this hard metal in a number of places in Tanzania. Some reports indicate possibility of actual mining any time from 2011. Uranium mining has a lot of potential positive and negative impacts in Tanzania and it is among the current areas of concern and interest by various stakeholders.

Cognizant to that, a public forum on uranium mining in Tanzanian was held in Dar es Salaam on May 25, 2011, courtesy of the Dodoma-based Foundation for Environmental Management and Campaign Against Poverty (FEMAPO). The author of this article presented a paper on social-economic impacts of uranium mining in Tanzania. Discussions and issues arising indicate that there should be more than economic gains in thinking about this venture.

Uranium activities
Although still in its infancy stage of development, exploration estimates indicate that Tanzania has about 53.9 million pounds of uranium oxide (U3O8) deposits. At the 2011 prices of $41 per pound, the deposits are worth $2.2 billion or Sh3,322 billion at the average May 2011 exchange rate of $1 to Sh1510.

Mantra Resources Ltd is a company that is undertaking uranium mining in Namtumbo district, Ruvuma Region. It expects to produce 3.7 million pounds per year worth $151.7 million. Its expected employment level is 1,500 people and an investment of about $400 million. Commercial production is scheduled to start any time from 2011 following some successful explorations.

By the May 2011 reports, among the positive exploration results include those done by Mantra Resources Ltd in its Mkuju River Uranium Project in Nantumbo. Other places in Tanzania where uranium is said to have been discovered in commercial quantities include Bahi in Dodoma, Manyoni in Singida and Manyara among others.

Potential economic gains
Generally, the short term potential benefits of uranium mining include direct and indirect job opportunities; income to the government through taxes, royalty, fees and other charges for the Tanzanian government, benefits accruing from corporate social responsibilities in form of contribution in community projects in the areas of health, water and education facilities among others. These are detailed in the author’s 20-paged paper and can be availed on request.
Why go beyond money?
The potential positive economic impacts of uranium notwithstanding, there are a number of potential negative impacts as well. They include environmental, health and broader social aspects associated with this heavy metal. These make it necessary to look beyond economics in general and money in particular is uranium mining decision-making in Tanzania.

It may be harmful environmentally
As is the case for many other economic activities uranium mining is likely to destroy flora and fauna, pollute air and both surface and underground water. All these are not good for sustainable development in general and biodiversity in particular. It is said that the Mkuju River Uranium project in Namtumbo is entirely within the up to now world-wide famous Selous Game Reserve.

The dam at Kinangali ward in Bahi may also be polluted by uranium activities thereby threatening its water and salt potentials that have sustained livelihood of the local community. If extra care is not taken this gift of Mother Nature may become history. Huge craters may be left once mining activities have ceased. The soils in the remaining craters are likely be contaminated with radioactive materials and therefore becoming useless for many years in the future.

It may worsen water scarcity
Uranium mining is said to be water-intensive. In Manyoni where uranium activities are likely to be undertaken water is already a scarce commodity. It will not be a distributive justice for one company to consume a lion’s share of the water at the expense of current poor inhabitants. This can be part of causes of possible conflicts with the local community.

Health threats
It is argued that radioactive dust particles from uranium can travel by wind to larger areas and affect the health of communities surrounding the mining areas. It has been documented that exposure to even relatively low levels of radiation over a long period of time can be extremely harmful to the health of workers and communities living around uranium mines. There should therefore be plans in place to ensure that people already living in these areas are protected against radioactive contamination should if and when uranium activities take place.

Contribution to conflicts in the world
Uranium can be used in the military sector and weapons industry in making high profile weapons including radioactive bombs and nuclear weapons. If Tanzanian uranium contributes into making weapons it can be criticized as a conflict minerals source. This will have negative image and low moral standing for the country.

Where should we go from here?
Due to the serious potential environmental, health, social and security impacts associated with uranium mining, there is a need for extra care in reaching the decision to either allow or not allow uranium mining in Tanzania.

Lessons from the rest of the world are important inputs in this process. Short term monetary profits should not be superior to health, environmental and social costs that cannot be counted and monetized. It is not everything that counts that can be counted let alone assigning a monetary value on it..

The author is a lecturer at Mzumbe University Business School



Dominique Strauss-Kahn greets Michelle Obama at the 2009 G20 Summit in Pittsburgh. Barack Obama moderates. Based on the shape of his mouth, the next words out of presidents mouth were either "Easy, tiger" or "I don't know where those hands have been." (via Daily Intel, which went with, "No Touching.")


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Tarehe 25/05/2011

Ndugu zangu waandishi wa habari leo tumeona tuwaite hapa ili tuweze kutoa maoni yetu kuhusiana na mustakabali wa chama chetu cha Mapinduzi na Jumuiya yetu ya Umoja wa vijana wa CCM mkoa wa Arusha.

Tumewaita hapa kwa malengo makuu Sita:-

Kuunga mkono Halimashauri kuu ya CCM Taifa kwa kuona umuhimu wa kuifanyia kazi kwa vitendo falsafa ya kujivua gamba. Tunaipongeza na kuiunga mkono Halmashauri kuu ya CCM Taifa kwa kutambua kwamba mafisadi wamechangia sana kukidhoofisha na kukipotezea mvuto chama chetu mbele ya umma wa watanzania. Kwa mantiki hiyo tunatamka kwa kauli moja kwamba mapacha hao watatu wa kifisadi ambao ni Edward Lowasa, Rostam Azizi na Andrew Chenge na vibaraka wao wafukuzwe mara moja kwa maslahi ya CCM na Watanzania. Pia tunasisitiza kuwa Andrew Chenge aondolewe kwenye kamati ya maadili ya CCM mara moja na wakati huohuo Edward afukuzwe kwenye kwenye ya uwenyekiti wa Bodi ya udhamini ya umoja wa vijana wa CCM Taifa haraka iwezekanavyo.

Sisi vijana wa CCM kutoka sehemu mbalimbali za Mkoa wa Arusha tunamtaka kuwa James Millya ambaye ni kibaraka mkuu wa mafisadi mkoa wa Arusha ajiuzulu mara moja na tunatamka rasmi kumfukuza kwenye UVCCM mkoa wa Arusha ili apate fursa ya kwenda kuwa tumikia mafisadi. Tunamtaka James Millya aache kufikiria kwa kutumia tumbo na badala yake atumie kichwa. Pia tumeshaandika barua yenye kumbukumbu namba kumb. Ars/Malalamiko/01 kwenye Chama kuelezea namna alivyo mnafiki, mfitini,mwongo na namna asivyo jali maslahi ya vijana wa UVCCM mkoa wa Arusha. Vilevile tunapenda kuujulisha umma wa Tanzania kuwa Ally Bananga anaetumiwa na Millya pamoja na mafisadi hana nafasi yoyote ndani ya Umoja wa vijana wa CCM kuanzia kwenye tawi hadi Taifa. Kwa mantiki hiyo Ally Bananga aache mara moja kuganga njaa kwa kutumia jina la UVCCM. Pia tunampa onyo kali Catherine Magige aache mara moja kutumia fedha za mafisadi kuwagawa vijana wa Arusha kabla hatujatumia haki yetu ya kikanuni ya kumsimamisha Ubunge. Tunajua kuwa amepata ubunge kwa nguvu za kifisadi kupitia UVCCM.

Sisi vijana wa CCM kutoka sehemu mbalimbali za Mkoa wa Arusha tunakiomba chama cha cha mapinduzi kiwafukuze mara moja makatibu wa UVCCM kutoka wilaya za Monduli, Arumeru, Longido na Karatu kwa kushiriki mandalizi ya maandamo haramu na kwa kukataa wito wa chama wa kwenda kutoa ushahidi wa malamiko yao kuhusu mjumbe wa Baraza kuu la UVCCM Taifa. Kitendo hicho cha kukataa wito wa Chama ni dharau na ukosefu wa maadili.

Sisi vijana wa CCM kutoka sehemu mbalimbali za Mkoa wa Arusha tunatamka kwamba ili kulinda hadhi ya CCM mkoa wa Arusha tunamtaka Onesmo Nangole ajiuzulu mara moja kwa kuwa anafanya kazi ya Fisadi Edward Lowasa na si ya CCM. Kitendo chake yeye cha kufanya kazi ya mafisadi na si ya CCM kimetupelekea kupoteza majimbo mawili kwenye uchaguzi mkuu wa 2010.

Sisi vijana wa CCM kutoka sehemu mbalimbali za Mkoa wa Arusha tunatamka kwamba Mhe. Mary Chatanda (MB) ambaye ni katibu wa CCM Mkoa wa Arusha ni mpiganaji na ni lulu ya CCM mkoa wa Arusha. Amefanya mengi ya maana na wa-CCM makini, wazalendo na wanaojali maslahi ya chama chetu wanatambua hilo. Pia tunawaomba CCM Taifa waendelee kumwacha hapa Arusha ili aendelee kukijenga chama na kukomesha mafisadi pamoja na dagaa wao.

Sisi vijana wa CCM kutoka sehemu mbalimbali za Mkoa wa Arusha tunatamka rasmi kumtambua Ndugu. Mrisho Gambo kuwa ni mjumbe halali wa baraza kuu la UVCCM Taifa kuwakilisha mkoa wa Arusha. Tunamuunga mkono kwa ujasiri wake, umahiri wake na uzalendo wake wa kupambana na ufisadi ndani ya chama na Tanzania kwa ujumla. Na huo ndiyo msimamo wetu kwa kuwa una tija kwa vijana wa Tanzania. Tunashauri CCM Taifa kuwaita rasmi mapacha watatu wa kifisadi (Edward Lowasa, Rostam Azizi na Andrew Chenge) kwenye kamati ya maadili ya CCM Taifa na kisha kuwafukuza mara moja kama kweli tuna nia ya kuendelea kuwa chama tawala katika nchi hii.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Na. Grayson Nyakarungu

Nafahamu nyote mwajua tukio la Tarime, la wananchi kuuwawa na jeshi la polisi huko migodini Nyamongo Wilayani Tarime,tarehe juma lililopita.

Wafiwa wallitaka kujua undani wa mauaji ya ndugu zao, ili waweze kufuata njia za kisheria za kudai haki yao ya kisheria.

Ililazimika uchunguzi wa kitaalam ufanyike ili ukweli ujulikane...

Uchunguzi huu ulifanywa jana na mtaalam wa uchunguzi wa aina hii (Post Motum) ya kitaalam, Dr Makata kutoka wizara ya afya kitengo cha dharura matukio tata.

Kwa upande wa wafiwa waliwakilishwa na Grayson Nyakarungu, aliyepewa imani na chama pia kuhakikisha ukweli ndio unaletwa hadharani.

Pia jeshi la polisi na Hospitali ya wilaya ya Tarime walikuwa na wawakilishi wao.

Tuliifanyia miili mnne kati ya mitano, ya watu walio uwawa, kwani mwili mmoja ulishazikwa kwa kuibiwa na polisi.



1. Kile kinachoonekana katika vipimo/uchunguzi, ndicho kinachotakiwa kuwekwa wazi kwa muhusika.

2. Sitakeuka wala kughiribu utu wa mtu kwa sababu zozote zile.

Hizo ni chache tu kati ya Medical Ethics nyingi, ambazo niliapa kuzilinda na kuzisimamia.


Tulianza kazi hii saa 10:25 A.M hadi saa 16:57 P.M baada ya wafiwa kuitambua miili ya ndugu zao.

1. Mwili wa Emmanueli Magige

P.M No 1-5-11


Entrance site: Left illiac cleft (upande wa kushoto wa juu ya nyonga)

Wound size: 0.5 cm diameter the wound was round.

Exit site: Lumber region back (juu ya kiuno kidogo karibu na uti wa mgongo)

Wound size: 2.5 cm diameter

Positive findings;-

-Blood vessels/Nerves and sorounding muscles were destroyed.

-The clavicle bone was destroyed and blood clots was seen, ( mfupa mkuu wa kiuno na nyonga uliharibiwa na damu nyingi ilivuja na imeonekana imeganda humo)

But beneath the exit site, there was a cut wound, 2.5 cm diameter.

Lakini kulikuwa na alama ya jeraha kubwa linaloonyesha alama ya kuwa kitu chenye ncha kali kilichoma, na hii ilileta hisia tofauti, polisi walihisi kuwa aliangukia jiwe au kijiti kilichomchoma, kwa hili tulibishana na tukaamua hakuna jibu la nini kilichoma, ila mimi nilihisi na kusimamia kuwa alichomwa na singe ya bunduki, na ndipo niliomba nguo zake zitafutwe ili tuzichunguze na tubaini ukweli, hata hivyo hazikupatikana.

2. Mwili wa Chacha Ngoka

P.M No. 2-5-11


Entrance site: Right side of the body back 16 cm from illiac (usawa wa bega chini na juu ya kiuno, nyuma ya mwili.

Wound size: 0.3 cm diameter

Exit site: In 5th intercoastal muscle right side, 2cm from the nipple.

Wound size: 5cm diameter

Positive findings

Major blood vessels were destroyed

Midle and right lobe of liver were destroyed led to rasaration

In the Trachea, blood clot was seen.

3. Mwili wa Chawali Boke.

P.M No. 3-5-11.

T.G. H

Entrance site: Occipital bone 8cm from the Pinna, (Kisogoni sm 8 kutoka sikio la kushoto)

Wound size: 0.2 cm diameter

Exit site: In parietal bone ( kwenye paji la uso pembeni kidogo)

Wound size: 5cm diameter

Positive findings;-

The brain and inner part of the head was destucted, blood clotts was seen, this was due to blood aspiration.

4. Mwili wa Mwikwabe Marwa Mwita

P.M No. 4-5-11


Entrance site: Left illiac cleft (upande wa kushoto juu ya nyonga)

Wound size: 3.5 cm diameter

Exit site: It was not pass through, it remained intact.

Wound size: None

Positive findings;-

There was worse destruction of;-

-Femoral artery

-Femoral vein

-Sorrounding muscles

- Fructure of illiac bone ( mfupa wa nyonga na uzazi)

- Piece of lead was seen lying deeply inpsoas muscle, sorrounded by bone fragments

Msimamo wangu kimaadili na na kibinadamu;-

1. Polisi walikusudia kuua na sio kudhibiti watu waliowaita wavamizi, kwani kwa mjibu wa force law, hawakutakiwa kupiga risasi sehemu yoyote tofauti na miguuni.

2. Polisi waliwapiga risasi watu waliokuwa wakikimbia kutoka eneo hilo, kwani risasi zote zimepenya kwa upande wa nyuma wa mwili na zikatokea upande wa mbele wa mwili.

HIVYO wananchi hawa hawakupambana na polisi, bali walipigwa risasi wakiwa wanakimbia, ndio sababu ya risasi zote kuingia sehemu za nyuma za miili yao.

Mungu watazame waja wako na uwalinde na yote aliyoyaandaa SHETANI.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Tanzania has threatened to bar all charitable organisations from the UK from operating in its territory should British Aerospace Defence Systems Ltd (BAE) pay a £30 million ($50 million) settlement to charity and not into the state coffers.

The payment is part of a deal reached in February 2010, in which the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) investigators agreed to a £30 million settlement with BAE, a defence contractor for failure to keep proper accounting records of a radar sale.

Last December the Southwark Crown Court, fined BAE Systems Plc £500,000 for failure to keep adequate accounting records in relation to a defence contract for the supply of an air traffic control system to Tanzania.

This is part of a global agreement BAE Systems reached with the SFO and the US Department of Justice concerning contracts in a number of countries.

However, the British government has been adamant claiming that the money would be put to good use if channelled through charitable organisations from the UK in Tanzania.

While Tanzania wants the funds to be paid to public coffers, BAE insists the deal allowed it to pay the balance to charity which could still benefit Tanzania’s households.

“If the UK goes ahead or sticks to its original plan to reimburse money stolen from our government, through their own charitable organisations in the country, then we shall ban all such organisations that originate from Britain,” Bernard Mmembe, minister for foreign affairs and international cooperation, said.

Some of the UK charitable organisations working in Tanzania include Oxfam , Save the Children, Action Aid, Care Tanzania, Plan International, Engender, Pathfinder and Intra Health. It is obvious that a decision to bar them from operating in the country, would have an impact on many sectors.

“These people are trying to exonerate themselves in the graft scandal and pass the buck, for the world to believe that Tanzania is so corrupt it cannot be trusted,” said Mr. Mmembe.

According to the minister, Tanzanian and British governments had earlier agreed to spend the money on various projects in education sector including procurement of textbooks, reference books for 12 subjects in primary schools. The money, he added, was also supposed to be spent on procurement of desks, construction of teachers’ houses and school latrines.

BAE agreed to pay an ex-gratia payment for the benefit of the people of Tanzania of £30 million less any fine imposed by the Crown Court. Additionally, BAE was ordered to pay £225,000 costs to the SFO.

A contract for the supply of a radar defence system for Dar-es-Salaam International Airport was agreed in 1999 following negotiations that had been conducted since 1992 initially by Siemens Plessey Systems which was acquired by BAE in 1998. The value of the contract was $39.97 million.

BAE’s practice was to engage advisers to help with its marketing. These advisers were either classified by BAE as ‘overt’ (that is they operated openly as BAE’s in-country representatives), or ‘covert’. The latter operated in circumstances where there was a need for confidentiality.

In order to maximise confidentiality with regard to its use of covert advisers and the making of payments to them, BAE set up Red Diamond Trading Company, incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

In Tanzania a local businessman, Shailesh Vithlani, was recruited at an early stage (initially by Siemens Plessey Systems) to advise BAE on its negotiations with the government on the radar contract.



NOVEMBA 26, 2010, saa saba usiku, wakati idadi kubwa ya Watanzania wakiwa usingizini, katika Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa Kilimanjaro (KIA) kulikuwa na pilikapilika kubwa ya kupakia mizigo kwenye ndege ya jeshi la anga la Qatar (Qatar Emir Air Force).

Mizigo iliyokuwa inapakiwa usiku huo mkubwa katika ndege hiyo haikuwa ya kawaida. Wahudumu walikuwa wanapakia wanyamapori hai 130 wa aina 14 tofauti na shehena kubwa ya nyamapori iliyokaushwa, mizigo hiyo yote ni inayotambuliwa kuwa kati ya rasilimali muhimu za Taifa.

Kwa mujibu wa wafanyakazi wa uwanja huo na raia wema kadhaa, wanyama hao hai 130 pamoja na shehena ya nyama zilizokaushwa vilikuwa vinatoroshwa kwenda Doha, Qatar.

Kwa mujibu wa sheria za Tanzania, mizigo hiyo ilikuwa inaondoka nchini kinyume cha sheria kwa kuwa haikuwa na kibali wala nyaraka sahihi za kiserikali na walioshiriki katika kuratibu na hatimaye kusafirisha mizigo hiyo nao walifanya makosa ya kuhujumu Taifa.

Kati ya wanyamapori hai 130 wakiwa wa aina 14 tofauti, walikuwamo twiga wanne. Twiga hutambuliwa kama alama ya Taifa, sheria za Tanzania zinaharamisha mnyama huyo mpole kuuawa au kusafirishwa kibiashara nje ya nchi.

Shehena ya viroba vya nyamapori zilizokaushwa inaelezwa kuwa ni ya wanyama wengi waliouawa “kijangili” na mtandao wa watu wanaoendesha biashara haramu ya nyamapori.

Ndege hiyo ya Jeshi la Qatar iliwasili KIA Novemba 24, mwanzo ikionekana kama ndege iliyokuwa katika safari za kawaida hadi Novemba 26 usiku wafanyakazi uwanjani hapo waliposhuhudia ikipakia mizigo wakiwamo wanyama hai.

Taarifa zaidi zinaeleza kuwa baada ya kuwasili kwa ndege hiyo wafanyakazi wake na marubani walikwenda kupumzika kwa siku mbili katika hoteli ya Naura Springs ya mjini Arusha.

Vinara wa uporaji huo wa wanyama hai wanatajwa kuwa ni raia wawili wa kigeni ambao wameshirikiana na Watanzania wanne ambao walifanikisha kuwatorosha wanyama hao wenye thamani ya zaidi ya Shilingi milioni 170.

Kati ya vinara hao mmoja ni raia wa Pakistan, Ahmed Kamran, mkazi wa Arusha na mwingine ni mwanamke, raia wa Kenya, Jane Mbogo, mfanyakazi katika kampuni ya Equity Aviation Service inayotoa huduma katika Uwanja wa KIA ambaye anaishi katika nyumba za uwanja huo.

Raia Mwema limefanikiwa kupata majina ya wahusika wengine, lakini haitayataja sasa kwa kuwa haikuweza kuwasiliana nao.

Raia Mwema imefahamishwa pia kwamba washiriki wengine wa mpango huo wa uhujumu ni Watanzania wanne, ambao taarifa zisizotia shaka zilizokusanywa na gazeti hili kwa muda zinaonyesha kuwa ndio waliofanikisha mkakati wa kuwasadia wageni hao kutorosha wanyama hai hao pamoja na shehena ya nyama zilizokaushwa.

Kati yao ni mwanamke mmoja mkazi wa Dar es Salaam ambaye anamiliki kampuni ya kukamata na kumiliki wanyamapori, mtumishi mmoja mwanamke wa idara ya ulinzi ya kampuni ya KADCO inayosimamia shughuli zote za uwanjani KIA, mtumishi wa Serikali katika Idara ya Mifugo KIA na mtumishi mmoja mstaafu wa Idara ya Ushuru wa Forodha.

Wanyama hao walitoroshwaje?

Duru na taarifa zilizokusanywa na Raia Mwema zinaonyesha kuwa kinara wa usafirishaji wa wanyamapori hao ni Kamran ambaye amekuwa akifanya kazi hiyo kwa kutumia leseni ya kuwakamata wanyamapori hai ya kampuni ya mwanamke mmoja wa Dar es Salaam.

Taarifa hizo zinasema wanyamapori waliotoroshwa walikamatwa katika mapori ya akiba na sehemu mbalimbali za mikoa ya Arusha na Kilimanjaro na kuhifadhiwa katika nyumba anayoishi Mpakistan huyo katika eneo la Baraa, Manispaa ya Arusha.

Taarifa zinaeleza kuwa Mpakistan huyo amekuwa akiwahifadhi wanyama wa aina mbalimbali kwa muda mrefu katika nyumba hiyo ambayo imejengewa ukuta mrefu unaokadiriwa kufikia futi tisa, na kwamba ndani ya nyumba hiyo kuna zizi kubwa la kuhifadhi wanyama na ndege pori.

Ni kutoka ndani ya nyumba hiyo, Novemba 26, mwaka jana, usiku wa saa tatu, malori matatu aina ya Fuso yaliyokuwa yamesheheni wanyamapori hao hai na viroba vya nyamapori zilizokaushwa, yalisafirisha shehena hiyo hadi uwanja wa ndege wa KIA kabla ya kusafirishwa kwenda Doha, Qatar.

Katika uwanja huo, magari hayo yaliyokuwa na wanyama hao yalipitia lango namba 5B ambalo kwa kawaida hutumika kama lango la dharura, hadi ndani ya uwanja ambamo kazi ya kuwapakia ilianza bila vibali kutoka mamlaka za kiserikali zinazohusika.

Kwa utaratibu, wanyama hao walipaswa kupitishwa kupitia lango namba 5A ambako kuna wakaguzi wa Idara za Ushuru wa Forodha, na idara nyingine za kiserikali ambako vibali vyote vingekaguliwa na kupigwa mihuri kabla ya kusafirishwa nje ya nchi.

Wakati magari hayo yalipowasili, Jane Mbogo, kwa makusudi, hakuwa ameandaa taarifa za mzigo huo (cargo manifest) kwa kuwa kampuni yake hairuhusiwi kisheria kuhudumia ndege inayozidi tani 40, badala yake alitumia vifaa vya kuazima kutoka kampuni ya kuhudumia ndege ya Swissport kufanikisha kazi hiyo.

“Hawa Equity Aviation Serevice kisheria wanaruhusiwa kuhudumia mizigo ya ndege ndogondogo, na kwa kufahamu hilo, mtuhumiwa alifanya mipango ya kuazima vifaa vya kampuni ya Swissport ili kuwapakia wanyama hao lakini pia alikacha makusudi kuanisha aina ya mizigo iliyokuwa inasafirishwa ili kuharibu kumbukumbu,” alieleza mtoa taarifa wetu.

Aidha, taarifa zinaeleza zaidi kuwa yule mtumishi wa Serikali wa Idara ya Mifugo naye akifahamu fika kuwa wanyamapori hao hawakuwa na vibali na walikuwa wanatoroshwa nje ya nchi, hakukagua vibali vinavyotakiwa katika usafirishaji.

“Kwa kawaida mizigo inayosafirishwa kwenda nje ya nchi, hasa wanyama hai, lazima wawe na nyaraka zote sahihi za kiserikali na nyaraka hizo hukaguliwa na mamlaka zote zinazohusika na usalama na mambo mengine muhimu katika uwanja lakini wakati wanyama hao wakipakiwa mambo hayo muhimu hayakuzingatiwa,” alieleza mtoa taarifa wetu aliyeshuhudia tukio hilo.

Taarifa zinasema kuwa wakati watu hao wakifanikisha mpango huo, askari mmoja aliwasili uwanjani hapo na kuhoji akitaka kuona vibali vya kusafirisha wanyama hao, lakini wahusika walimweleza kuwa “mzigo unaosafirishwa ulikuwa wa kiserikali”.

Mtoa taarifa wetu anaeleza zaidi kuwa juhudi za askari huyo kutimiza wajibu wake ziligonga ukuta baada ya kujibiwa kwa ukali na afisa wa mifugo, ambaye ni afisa mwenzake serikalini, aliyekuwa akisimamia zoezi hilo kuwa “asiingilie kazi zisizomhusu”; huku pia akimtukana matusi ya nguoni.

Akimkariri afisa huyo mtoa habari wetu alieleza: “Wewe mpumbavu? Una akili? Unaingilia kazi zisizo zako na hivi nakuambia kuwa nitakufukuzisha kazi. Huu ni ugeni wa Serikali usipende kuhoji kitu kisichokuhusu na kama hunielewi mfuate huyo Mhindi (Kamran) hapo akupatie vibali.”

Taarifa zinasema askari polisi huyo alipomwuliza mtuhumiwa huyo kuhusu vibali vya kusafirisha wanyama alidai kuwa asingeweza kudurufu (kutoa kopi) vibali hivyo kwa kuwa ni usiku wa manane na kuahidi kuwa angempatia asubuhi yake, lakini hata hivyo vibali hivyo havikuwahi kuwasilishwa hadi leo.

kwa mujibu wa taarifa hizo, askari huyo alikwenda kutoa taarifa kwa Mkuu wa Kituo cha Polisi cha KIA, lakini kwa muda huo tayari ndege hiyo ilikuwa imekwishakuondoka na hakukuwa na hatua zilizoweza kuchukuliwa kuzuia mpango huo.

Habari zaidi zinasema ya kuwa baada ya kukamilika kwa kazi ya kuwapakia wanyamapori hao, wahusika waliwapatia wafanyakazi walioshiriki kupakia mzigo kiasi cha shilingi 150,000 za Kitanzania ili wagawane, mgawo huo ukifanyakia uwanjani hapohapo.

Taarfa za karibuni zaidi kuhusu suala hilo zinasema tayari Polisi walikuwa wamefungua jalada la upelelezi wa shauri hilo na kupendekeza watuhumiwa wote waliotajwa wafikishwe mahakamani, lakini katika mazingira yanayotia shaka hadi sasa suala hilo limekaliwa. Miezi mitano baada ya tukio hilo, hakuna hatua zilizochukuliwa.

Kauli za watuhumiwa

Rai Mwema wiki hii ilizungumza na Kamran kwa njia ya simu ikimtaka kuzungumzia suala hilo, lakini alikana kuhusika na akaongeza kuwa hafanyi biashara hiyo.

“Sihusiki na jambo unaloniuliza. Nafikiri umepiga namba isiyo sahihi (wrong number). Si mimi,”alisema na kisha kukata simu yake.

Kwa upande wake, Jane Mbogo alidai kuwa yeye ni mtumishi wa kampuni ya Equity Aviation Services; hivyo masuala yote hayo aulizwe Mkurugenzi wake na akatoa namba ya simu ambayo hata hivyo, ilipopigwa ilionyesha ya kuwa haitumiki.

Kwa upande wake, Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Swissport, Gaudance Temu, alithibitisha vifaa vya kampuni yake kutumika kupakia mzigo huo na kuongeza kuwa walifanya hivyo baada ya kukodishwa na kampuni ya Equity Aviation Service na walilipwa fedha kiasi cha dola 3,000 za Kimarekani kwa kazi hiyo.

Alisema Temu kuhusu suala hilo: “ Ndiyo, nakumbuka Polisi walikuja kuhoji kuhusu ushiriki wetu katika madai ya kutoroshwa kwa wanyama hao. Lakini tumewaeleza kuwa hatuhusiki, ila vifaa vyetu vilikodishwa na wenzetu wa Equity na walitulipa kwa kazi hiyo. Nafikiri ukienda ofisi yetu ya KIA pale kuna risiti ya malipo hayo kuthibitisha”.

Akizungumzia tukio hilo, Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa kampuni ya KADCO ambayo ndiyo inayoendesha Menejimenti ya KIA, Marcus Van De Kreeke, alithibitisha madai ya kutoroshwa kwa wanyamapori hao na kuongeza kuwa hata hivyo menejimenti haihusiki na suala hilo.

“Kazi yetu kama KADCO ni kulinda usalama wa abiria na ndege zinazotumia uwanja huu kwa safari zao, lakini sisi hatuhusiki na usafirishaji wa mizigo inayopita katika uwanja. Hiyo ni kazi ya mamlaka nyingine,” alisema Van De Kreeke.

Aliongeza: “Polisi tayari wameanzisha uchunguzi. Nafikiri tuwaache wafanye kazi yao na tuone uchunguzi wao utaleta majibu gani. Ila kwa upande wetu hatuna tatizo. Tutawapa ushirikiano wa kutosha.”

Kamanda wa Polisi Mkoa wa Kilimanjaro, Lukas Ng’omboko naye alithibitishia Raia Mwema kuwapo kwa tukio hilo, na kufafanua kuwa upelelezi wa kesi hiyo ulikuwa unaendeshwa na maafisa wa timu maalumu ya Polisi kutoka Makao Makuu ya jeshi hilo.

“Tukio hilo ni la kweli lakini tafadhali wasiliana na Makao Makuu ya Jeshi la Polisi jijini Dar es Salaam. Wao ndio waliounda timu maalumu ya askari wa upelelezi na kwa ufahamu wangu walikuwa wameanza kazi ya kuwahoji watuhumiwa,”alisema Kamanda huyo.

Raia Mwema haikufanikiwa kumpata Mkurugenzi wa Makosa ya Jinai (DCI) Robert Manumba kuelezea hatua walizofikia katika upelelezi wa tukio hilo.

Utorashaji wa raslimali za nchi katika sekta za madini na maliasili umekuwa moja ya matatizo sugu ambayo Tanzania inakabiliana nayo na sababu kubwa inaelezwa kuwa ni kushamiri kwa vitendo vya kifisadi miongoni mwa maafisa wa serikali waliopewa mamlaka ya kusimamia rasilimali hizo kwa niaba ya wananchi.


Monday, May 23, 2011


Watuhumiwa wawili wa kesi ya mabilioni ya EPA Bwana Farjallah Hussein na Rajab Maranda ambao ni mtu na binamu yake wametiwa hatiani na kuhukumiwa kifungo cha miaka 5 leo mahakamani kisutu. Kesi hiyo iliyovuta umati wa watu ilianza kuonekana kusuasua baada ya kuonekana kutokuwa na ushahidi unaoonekana wa kughushi kwa baadhi ya stakabadhi ili malipo hayo kufanyika. Hata hivyo bado kuna baadhi ya wadau hawajaridhishwa na hukumu iliyotolewa huku wakitilia shaka mwenendo mzima wa kesi pamoja na hasara iliyopatikaba serikalini na kuona kwamba hukumu hiyo haitoshi kutoa fundisho kwa watuhumiwa. Habari zaidi zitawajia kupitia viunga vingine vya habari.


Rehema Matowo, Moshi

WAZIRI wa Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki Samwel Sitta, amesema anapitia nyakati ngumu za kisiasa kutokana na uamuzi wake wa kusimamia misingi ya haki, usawa na uadilifu iliyoachiwa na Baba wa Taifa, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere lakini akaapa kupambana na mafisadi hadi nchi itoke mikononi mwao.

Kauli hiyo ya Sitta inakuja kipindi ambacho joto la siasa nchini limekuwa likipanda siku hadi siku huku chama chake cha CCM kikiwa katika kipindi kigumu cha mpito kutekeleza mpango mkakati ujulikanao kama kujivua gamba.

Akizungumza katika kongamano la miaka 50 ya Uhuru na maisha ya Watanzania lililofanyika katika Chuo Kikuu kishiriki cha Ushirika na Stadi za Biashara Moshi (MUCCOBS) na kuwashirikisha wanafunzi kutoka vyuo vikuu mbalimbali vya kanda ya kaskazini, Sitta alisema kamwe hawezi kubadilika na atabaki kwenye viwango.

“Nawahakikishia nitapigana vikali kuhakikisha CCM inakua safi na nitapambana na waliokiharibu chama hadi kupoteza mwelekeo,” alisema Sitta.

Waziri Sitta alirejea tambo zake akisema yeye ni mwanasiasa mwenye viwango na ndiyo maana, wengi wanamgombania, lakini akawataka watambue kuwa hawezi kuhama chama chake kwa sasa baada ya miaka 50.

Alisema kitendo cha kuhama chama kwa sasa hakipo na anachokifanya ni kupambana na maovu yote yaliyopo ndani ya CCM na kuhakikisha kinarejesha heshima aliyoiacha Mwalimu Nyerere.

Waziri Sitta alisema nyakati hizo ngumu hazitamfanya abadilike wala kurudi nyuma na kuwa atapambana kuhakikisha nchi inakua safi na kutoka mikononi mwa mafisadi.

Aliitaja misingi iliyoachwa na Mwalimu kuwa ni usawa wa binadamu, kutobaguana kwa kabila wala namna yoyote, uadilifu na umoja ambayo alisema kwa sasa Watanzania wameiacha na ndiyo maana nchi ipo kama ilivyo leo.

Akizungumzia Tanzania ijayo baada ya miaka 50 ya uhuru, Waziri Sitta alisema wananchi wanategemea nchi yenye kujitambua na isiyo maskini na kuweka bayana, hiyo itawezekana endapo rasilimali zilizopo zitasimamiwa vizuri.

Aliwataka vijana kuepuka kuwa mawakala wa wanasiasa ambao wamefilisika kiakili na wanaojali matumbo yao na kuendelea kuliingiza taifa katika giza la umaskini.

Waziri huyo ambaye pia ni Mbunge wa Urambo Mashariki, alisema kinachoendelea nchini kwa sasa ni siasa za malumbano zisizo na tija kwa mwananchi wa kawaida hivyo vijana wasomi wanayo nafasi kubwa ya kuwaelimisha wananchi jinsi ya kuwatambua.

Akizungumza katika kongamano hilo, Naibu Waziri wa Ujenzi, Harisson Mwakyembe alisema vijana wengi wamekuwa bendera fuata upepo na kushabikia mambo ambayo hawajayafanyia utafiti kujua ukweli wake.

Dk Mwakyembe aliwataka kutoa mwongozo katika mchakato wa uundwaji wa Katiba mpya na kuwataka kuondoa woga katika kuijadili kwa manufaa yao na kizazi kijacho.

Alisema tatizo kubwa la Watanzania ni woga kusema na wana hulka ya kulalamika. Alisema nyakati zimebadilika na wanapaswa kuwa jasiri katika kudai haki zao.


Sunday, May 22, 2011


(CNN) -- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a big, serious government agency with a big, serious job: protecting public health from threats ranging from hurricanes to bird flu.

So when the good doctors of Atlanta warned people this week about how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, the world took notice.

"That's right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e," Dr. Ali S. Khan wrote on the CDC website this week, adding casually that "Resident Evil" is his "personal favorite" zombie movie.

As it happens, Khan, one of the nation's top-ranking public health professionals (he's a rear admiral and an assistant surgeon general), doesn't actually believe the living dead are about to claw their way out of graves and start chewing on your brain.

But, he and his communications team recently noticed, what they'd want you to do if the world really did suddenly go "Night of the Living Dead" is pretty much the same thing they'd want you to do in case of a hurricane or a major pandemic.

From that realization to the decision actually to put up a blog post was a short step, Khan said Thursday.

Inside zombie brains: How sci-fi teaches science

Khan floated the idea of what to do in a meteor strike on earth not long after becoming director of CDC's Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response eight months ago, he said, so his staff knew he was open to "novel and creative ideas to engage the public."

Then the CDC got a question about zombies during an online chat about radiation leaks related to the meltdown at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in March, and they saw traffic spike.

Khan and his communications team knew they'd found a way to get the public interested in disaster preparedness, he said.

"You have a 'Resident Evil' movie coming out, 'Shaun of the Dead,' 'World War Z.' It's a good metaphor for where you have complete disruption," he said.

So they posted the advice on Monday. Their website crashed on Wednesday.

Why we love those rotting, hungry, putrid zombies

It's running sporadically as of this writing, so in case you can't get on, here's what CDC recommends:

Make an emergency plan. Stockpile food, water and medicine.

Have a utility knife, duct tape and battery-powered radio handy, along with some changes of clothes and bedding.

And keep some cleaning supplies handy, along with key personal documents like a driver's license and birth certificate.

The CDC also recommends having basic first aid supplies handy for a hurricane or a pandemic -- although, Khan admits on the CDC blog, "you're a goner if a zombie bites you."

Saturday, May 21, 2011


PRETORIA, South Africa – South Africa's top diplomat charged Friday that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi fed South Africa misinformation about a journalist whose death in the north African country weeks ago has just been confirmed.

South African foreign minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane told reporters that Libya still has not come forward with the truth. Anton Hammerl's death was confirmed Thursday by journalists who saw him shot and killed by Gadhafi's forces in early April. Colleagues of the South African journalist, held by Libyan forces from the day of the shooting until this week, had been afraid to speak of his death until they were safely out of Libya.

"We kept getting reassurance and misinformation throughout," Nkoana-Mashabane said. Referring to Gadhafi, she said the assurances came "at one stage from himself, yes, to say that they are all alive and that they are well."

"Mr. Hammerl's death is a very unfortunate act, and the government and the people of South Africa condemn the perpetrators of this heinous action," the minister said.

She was joined at a news conference in South Africa's capital by Austria's ambassador to South Africa, Otto Ditz. Hammerl, born in South Africa, had an Austrian father and both South African and Austrian citizenship, and lived in London with his wife and two young sons.

Ditz said his government never received "any hint from the Libyan side that Anton was not alive."

Nkoana-Mashabane and Ditz maintained the diplomatic niceties Friday, expressing only disappointment with Libya and saying they had no choice but to take the assurances at face value. The diplomats said they would keep pressing for information, including details on where Hammerl's body is, so that he can be brought home for burial.

Nkoana-Mashabane deflected a question about whether South Africa would respond to being misinformed by ejecting Libya's ambassador to South Africa by saying the ambassador has defected to the Libyan rebel side.

"Are we planning a confrontation with the Libyan government?" she said, without answering her own question.

The photographer's colleagues had pressed South African government officials to pursue information about him from the Libyans.

Before leaving South Africa five years ago, Hammerl worked for such newspapers as Johannesburg's Star, which has been publishing his photo daily to ensure his case was not forgotten. Colleagues also have held candle light vigils and demanded talks with the foreign minister, who met with members of South Africa's National Press Club before Friday's news conference.

Hammerl, 41, was initially reported to have been captured by Gadhafi's militia near the eastern city of Brega, together with Americans Clare Morgana Gillis and James Foley and Spanish photographer Manuel Varela.

Varela; Gillis, who freelances for The Atlantic and USA Today; and Foley, who writes for the Boston-based news agency GlobalPost, were freed earlier this week. Thursday, after reaching Tunisia from Libya, they informed Hammerl's family in London that they were with the photographer when they came under attack by Gadhafi's forces. They said Hammerl was shot, and left to die in the desert as Gadhafi's forces took his colleagues away.

Hammerl's relatives said in a statement posted on Facebook Thursday that they now believe the Libyan government knew the photographer's "fate all along and chose to cover it up."

Hammerl and his wife, Penny Sukhraj, have two boys, a 14-week old and a 7-year-old.

The Committee to Protect Journalists said journalists covering the fighting in territory controlled by Gadhafi have been particularly at risk, but that the front line has been fluid, making it difficult for reporters to stay in relatively safe areas.

CPJ Mideast specialist Mohamed Abdel Dayem said more than a dozen journalists, including U.S. freelancer Matthew VanDyk, are missing in Libya. Others include Libyan reporters or Libyans who worked as assistants to foreign journalists. Abdel Dayem said it has been especially difficult to get information about the missing Libyans.

Hammerl is the fifth journalist killed in Libya since fighting began in February, according to CPJ.


Friday, May 20, 2011


Yule mtabiri na mnajimu maarufu wa Afrika Mashariki ya kati Sheikh Yahya Hussein amefariki dunia mnamo majira ya saa nne asubuhi hii nyumbani mwake Mwembechai jijini Dar es Salaam. Sheikh huyo alikuwa akisumbuliwa na maradhi ya ugonjwa wa Moyo. Kwa mujibu wa taarifa mbalimbali za vyombo vya habari maziko yatarajiwa kufanyia kesho nyumbani kwake.

Wakati huo huo, Mwenyekiti wa wazee wa Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam, Mzee Athuman Mwinyimvua amefariki dunia. Mzee Mwinyimvua alikumbwa na umauti wake leo nyumbani mwake Magomeni Mwembechai. Taarifa zaeleza kwamba maziko yatarajiwa kufanyika leo alasiri .



Imetolewa Jamii Forums

Nitaomba radhi kwa kuanzisha thread mpya ili niweze kupata fursa ya kujibu hoja za ndugu yangu Mimi Mwanakijiji au kama anavyojiita sauti ya kijijini inayoelezea iliyoandikwa kwenye gazeti la
Tanzania Daima: Kama CHADEMA ni Wachagga, CCM ya Waislamu?

Napende niwaeleze wale wote walioshabikia historia ya TANU kuwa wamelishwa "tango pori" na mheshimiwa sana Mwanakijiji japo sijaelewa amefanya kwa makusudi au kwa kutokufahamu kwakuwa tunae humu jamvini ni imani yangu atatueleza na kututanabaisha mapenzi yake juu ya vyama alivyovizungumzia, ila ningependa kumshauri awe mzalendo zaidi na apendelee kuwaelimisha watu kwa historia ya ukweli japo kwa kiwango cha asilimia 80 kama si mia kwa mia.

Pengine ni vyema tuangalie mtiririko wa kupigania uhuru wa nchi hii ili tuone mchango wa Mwanakijiji juu ya hoja yake na tupate kumuenzi kwa kutupa elimu na historia adhimu tusioijua:

1929: TAA yaundwa ikiwa na wajumbe wafuatao:

1. Kleist Sykes, 2. Mzee bin Sudi, 3. Ibrahim Hamis, 4. Zibe Kidasi, 5. Ali Said Mpima, 6. Suleiman Majisu, 7. Raikes Kusi, 8. Rawson Watts, 9. Cecil Matola.

1950: TAA yawasiliana na KAU; Abdulwahid alikwenda Nairobi kukutana na Jomo Kenyatta ili kujenga mawasiliano na chama cha Kenya African Union (KAU).

1951: Kuundwa kwa tawi la siasa la TAA; likiwa na wajumbe wafuatao:

1. Abdulwahid Sykes (Secretary)
2. Sheikh Hassan bin Amir
3. Hamza Kibwana Mwapachu.
4. Said Chaurembo
5. Dk. Kyaruzi.
6. John Rupia.
7. Stephen Mhando

1951: Kenyatta akutana tena na viongozi wa TAA. Safari hii mkutano huo ulifanyika Arusha. Wajumbe wa TAA walikuwa Abdulwahid Kleist Sykes, Dossa Aziz na Stephen Mhando.

1952: Abdulwahid alichaguliwa kuwa Rais wa TAA.

1952: Mwalimu Nyerere atambulishwa kwa Abdulwahid na Bwana Kasela Bantu. Baada ya utambulisho huo ikawa kila Jumamosi Mwalimu Nyerere akawa anakutana na akina Dossa Azizi, Bw. Ally Sykes, Abdulwahid Sykes, Dustan Omar na Mhando kujadili mustakbali wa nchi ya Tanganyika.

Mikutano hiyo ama ilikuwa ikifanyika nyumbani kwa Dossa Azizi mtaa wa Congo au mtaa wa Stanley nyumbani kwa Abdulwahid.

Alikuwa ni Dossa Azizi ambaye mara nyingi alikuwa akimrudisha Mwalimu Nyerere kwa gari lake Pugu (St. Francis College) baada ya mkutano.

1953: Mwalimu achaguliwa kuwa Rais wa TAA. Wazee waliompa nguvu ya kisiasa Mwalimu mara baada ya kuingia katika TAA/TANU.

Sheikh Hassan bin Amir, Sheikh Suleiman Takadir, Mzee Mohammed Jumbe Tambaza, Mshume Kiyate na Mwinjuma Mwinyikambi. Wengine walikuwa Rajab Diwani, Makisi Mbwana, Sheikh Haidar Mwinyimvua na Idd Faiz Mafongo. Aidha walikuwepo Idd Tosiri, Sheikh Mohamed Ramia na Mashado Ramadhani Plantan.

Oktoba 10, 1953 Mwalimu Nyerere, Abdulwahid Sykes, Ally Sykes, Dossa Aziz na John Rupia walikutana kujadili namna ya kuibadili TAA kuwa chama kamili cha siasa.

1954: TANU yaanzishwa. Wajumbe wa mkutano uliojadili kuibadili katiba ya TAA kuwa TANU walikuwa Abdulwahid Sykes, Julius Nyerere, Tewa Said Tewa, Dossa Aziz, Ally Sykes, Kasela Bantu, ,

Abubakar Ilanga na Saadan Abdu Kandoro. Wengine walikuwa S.M. Kitwana, C.O. Milinga, Patrick Kunambi, Gerimano Pacha, Japhet Kirilo na L.M. Makaranga. Walikuwa pia Joseph Kimalando na John Rupia.

Mkutano wa kuizindua rasmi TANU ulihudhuriwa na wajumbe wafuatao: Julius Nyerere, Abdulwahid Sykes, Ally Sykes, Dossa Aziz, John Rupia na Mshume Kiyate. Wengine walikuwa Makisi Mbwana, Jumbe Tambaza, Juma Waziri, Clement Mtamila, Rajab Diwani, Schneider Plantan na Marsha Bilali. Walikuwepo pia Rashid Ally Meli, Frederick Njiliwa, Idd Faiz Mafongo, Idd Tulio, Denis Phombeah na wengine.

Napenda kumfahamisha ndugu yangu Mwanakijiji kuwa pia ndani ya TAA na TANU kulikuwa na kina
Dr Michael Lugazia, Dr Vedasto Kyaruzi, Dr Luciano Tsere, Dome Budohi, Zuberi Mtemvu, Ali Mwinyi Tambwe, Tatu bint Mzee, Mwinyijuma Mwinyikambi, Sheikh Mohamed Ramia wa Bagamoyo

Julius Nyerere alipewa kadi ya TANU Na. 1, kadi Na. 2 ikaenda kwa Ally Sykes na Abdulwahid akachukua kadi ya TANU Na. 3, Dossa Azizi alichukua kadi Na. 4, kadi Na. 5 ikaenda kwa Phombeah. Dome Okochi alipata kadi Na. 6, John Rupia Na. 7, Bibi Titi Mohamed kadi Na. 16 na Idd Tosiri kadi Na. 25.

Ndugu yangu kwa Mwanakijiji.

Kwa watu makini makala yako ni moja ya utumiaji kalamu kupotosha jamii makala yako imebaka historia ya kweli ya TAA/TANU na sasa CCM kama nilivyoeleza mwanzo pengine mapenzi ya chama kimoja wapo ndio mapenzi hayo yamekusukuma kuinanga historia ya kweli.

Ni matumaini yangu ipo siku utaungana na Joseph Mihagwa utajitolea kuuvunjaa mwiko wa kuuzungumzia muungano inavyostahili.

Mwisho kabisa ninapenda kutoa rai kuwa si vema kuufananisha kabila na dini unless uwe una chuki dhidi ya dini unayoihusisha na kabila unalokusudia. Ningeona umetenda haki ukaelezea Ukristo/Uislam wa CCM na CDM kuliko kufananisha uchagga na uislam kwa hilo ndugu yangu hukuwatendea haki waislam mimi nikiwa miongoni mwao.

Wangapi wanajua historia ya madaktari watano – Dr. Vedasto Kyaruzi, Dr Joseph Mutahangarwa, Dr Wlibard Mwanjisi, Dr Michael Lugazia na Dr Luciano Tsere na mchango wao katika kusukuma mbele harakati za TAA kati ya 1948 – 1950?

Shukrani sana na nakutakia siku njema wewe na jamaa wote wa JF.

Mohammed Shossi.



M. M. Mwanakijiji

NIVUNJE mwiko, nisivunje? Nimeamua kujitolea kuvunja mwiko hata kama hamtaki nivunje.

CHADEMA ni chama cha Wachagga na CCM ni chama cha Waislamu. Huwezi kukubali moja ya hilo na ukakataa jingine. Vigezo vinavyotumiwa na baadhi ya watu kuitaja CHADEMA kuwa ni chama cha Wachagga tukivikubali bila kutumia uwezo tuliojaliwa na Mwenyezi Mungu kuvihoji basi vinatusukuma kama mkokoteni ulioachiliwa kwenye mteremko na shehena ya madafu kufikia hitimisho kuwa CCM nayo yaweza kabisa kutajwa kuwa ni chama cha Waislamu.

Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) kilipoanzishwa viongozi wake wengi wa awali walikuwa ni Wachagga. Na hata leo baadhi ya viongozi wake wengi ni Wachagga hata wale waliostaafu.

Kutokana na historia hii baadhi ya watu (hasa wana Chama Cha Mapinduzi na wapinzani wengine) wamekitaja CHADEMA kuwa ni Chama “Cha Wachagga”. Na ni kutokana na hilo wamehitimisha pasipo kuonyesha uwezo wa kutumia mantiki kuwa CHADEMA ni chama cha kikabila. Kama kuna Wachagga wengi – wanasema, basi kuna ukabila.

Baadhi ya viongozi wa kwanza wa Chama hicho ni pamoja na mzee Edwin Mtei, Freeman Mbowe, na Philemon Ndesamburo. Hawa watatu licha ya kuwa ni viongozi maarufu vile vile ni wafanyabiashara wakubwa nchini. Kwa vile uanzishwaji wa CHADEMA unahusishwa moja kwa moja na Edwin Mtei mtu wa Kilimanjaro na chama hicho kikavutia watu wengi wakiwemo baadhi ya hao wafanyabiashara basi kimekuwa kikitajwa tangu mwanzo kuwa ni chama cha Wachagga.

Hivyo tunaweza kuona kwa urahisi kabisa kuwa tuhuma za Uchagga wa CHADEMA zinatokana na mambo makubwa matatu: uasisi wake, uongozi wake na nafasi za wanachama wake maarufu wanatoka maeneo gani ya nchi. Tukumbuke kuwa kinachoangaliwa katika “ukabila” huu ni kile kinachoonekana ni “wingi” au idadi ya Wachagga ndani ya CHADEMA na nafasi zao kubwa za kisiasa.

Chama Cha Mapinduzi kilipoasisiwa (wakati huo kikiitwa TANU na ASP) viongozi wake wengi walikuwa ni Waislamu. Hili siyo siri. Kwa upande wa TANU viongozi waanzilishi wake kabla hata Mwalimu Nyerere hajahamia Jijini Dar na kuanza shughuli za kisiasa rasmi walikuwa ni Waislamu maarufu wa Jiji la Dar ambao majina yao yalikuwa yakijulikana wakati huo.

Miongoni mwao tunaowakumbuka leo hii ni familia ya Sykes (maarufu kati yao akiwa ni Abdulwahid Sykes na kaka zake Ali na Abbas), masheikh maarufu wa Jiji la Dar es Salaam kama kina Sheikh Hassan bin Amir, Sheikh Chaurembo na mzungumzaji maarufu, Sheikh Suleiman Takadir.

Kwa madhumuni ya hoja yangu siwahesabu Wakristu kama John Rupia, Vedasto Kyaruzi au Stephen Mhando ambao nao ni waasisi wa TANU kama vile ambavyo sitawahesabu watu wengine ambao hawakuwa Wachagga lakini walishiriki katika uasisi wa CHADEMA kama kina mzee Brown Ngwilulupi, Jacob Nkomola na Bob Makani. Tukiwaingiza hao wengine hoja yetu haitanoga.

Ni Waislamu hata hivyo waliokuwa na nguvu zaidi ndani ya TANU kutokana na nafasi zao na uwezo wao wa kifedha katika Jiji la Dar. Walitumia mali na nafasi zao kuweza kukijenga chama na wengine walitoa hata nyumba zao kwa ajili ya matumizi ya TANU.

Kitabu cha Mohammed Said cha Maisha na Nyakati za Abdulwahid Sykes (1924-1968): Historia Iliyofichwa Kuhusu Harakati Za Waislam Dhidi Ya Ukoloni Wa Waingereza Katika Tanganyika kinaelezea kwa kina jinsi Waislamu walivyokuwa na nafasi ya pekee katika kuanzishwa kwa TANU kiasi kwamba sehemu mojawapo Said anatangaza pasipo shaka wala kujiuma meno kuwa “Kimsingi Chama cha TANU kilikuwa ni chama cha Waislamu”.

Lakini siyo kutokana na uasisi wake tu ndio maana TANU ilikuwa ni chama cha Waislamu bali pia eneo lake ambapo kilikuwa na nguvu sana. Kama CHADEMA kuwa na nguvu kwa muda mrefu mikoa ya Kaskazini kutokana na kukubalika zaidi maeneo hayo TANU nayo ilikuwa na nguvu sana katika maeneo ya Pwani na maeneo ambayo yalikuwa na Waislamu wengi kama Tabora, Tanga na Dar yenyewe.

Hivyo, kilikuwa ni chama cha Waislamu siyo kutokana na uasisi wake tu bali pia kutokana na maeneo yake ambayo kilikuwa kimekubalika zaidi kwani hata katika maeneo hayo mengine ni viongozi wengi wa Kiislamu waliokuwa wakijitokeza kukiunga mkono.

Vile vile CCM baada ya kuundwa kufuatia kuunganishwa kwa ASP na TANU kilijikuta kimepokea viongozi wengi ambao ni Waislamu kutoka Zanzibar na matokeo yake hadi leo hii ni rahisi kuona kuwa Kamati Kuu inachukua wajumbe wengi kutoka Zanzibar kwa mujibu wa Katiba ya CCM kitu ambacho kinasababisha chama hicho kuwa na Waislamu wengi kwenye Kamati Kuu kutoka na wingi wa Waislamu wanaotoka Zanzibar.

Hivyo basi tunalazimika kufikia mahitimisho yafuatayo tunapoviangalia vyama hivi viwili:

CHADEMA ni chama cha Wachagga kwa sababu:
  • Kiliasisiwa na Wachagga wakiwa na nafasi za pekee.
  • Kilikubalika zaidi katika maeneo ya Kilimanjaro na Kaskazini (Moshi mjini na maeneo mengine).
  • Viongozi wake wameendelea kuwepo kuwa ni Wachagga.
Kama Uchagga ni haya mambo matatu na watu wenye akili timamu wanakubali kuwa ni haya yanayofanya chama hicho kuwa cha “Kichagga” au cha “kikabila” basi ni kweli CHADEMA ni chama cha Wachagga na ni chama cha kikabila.

CCM ni chama cha Waislamu kwa sababu:
  • Kiliasisiwa na Waislamu wakiwa na nafasi za pekee (Baraza la Wazee la TANU ilipoundwa liliundwa na Waislamu watupu).
  • Kilikubalika kwenye maeneo yenye Waislamu wengi
  • Viongozi wake wengi wameendelea kuwa ni Waislamu.
Hivyo basi tunaweza kuona kitu kingine cha pekee ambacho kimefichika na huwa tunadokezwa nacho katika hizi tuhuma. Wachagga wengi ni Wakristu! Hivyo, kwa namna moja au nyingine tunaona kuwa tuhuma za “CHADEMA ni chama cha Wakristu” zinatokana na hilo vile vile na hivyo wale ambao wanakishambulia kuwa ni Chama cha Wakristu hufanya hivyo kwa sababu ile ile kwamba ni chama cha Wachagga.

Matokeo yake tunalazimishwa kuiangalia CHADEMA aidha ni kama chama cha Wakristu au chama cha Wachagga kwa sababu mantiki inayopendekezwa mbele zetu haitupi uchaguzi mwingine wowote. Na tukifuata mlolongo huo huo wa mantiki tunajikuta tunaangalia CCM vile vile kama chama cha Waislamu na ukishaliona hili utaelewa ni kwanini baadhi ya Waislamu ambao walikuwa na tatizo na CCM miaka kadhaa huko nyuma leo hawana tatizo nayo kwa sababu wanaona kuwa kinaongozwa na “Waislamu”. Na matokeo yake utaona kundi la Waislamu hawa hawawezi kuona kosa au tatizo lolote lile la serikali kwani kwa kufanya hivyo itabidi wakubali matatizo ya “Muislamu” mwenzao au “Waislamu wenzao”.

Ndugu zangu, hapa ndipo tulipofikishwa na watawala wetu walioshindwa; hapa ndipo tulipopigishwa magoti na kuambiwa tuabudu; naam, hapa ndipo tunalazimishwa kuangalia na kuangaliana kwa misingi ya dini na kabila. Na wapo baadhi ya watu kati yetu ambao wanaangalia Tanzania kwa misingi hiyo. Viongozi wengine, wakuu wa taasisi za umma ambao wakiona jina la Kichagga wanafikiria ni jinsi gani hawatompa mtu huyo nafasi.

Kuna mifano ambayo siku moja ikiitwa wazi tutaona haya kwani baadhi ya watu wanaotukuzwa kwa “uongozi bora wa mashirika ya umma” ni wabaguzi wa kikabila waliokubuhu ambao wanastahili tuzo mbovu ya ufisadi wa kidini! Naam, wapo na wengine wanaochukulia hali iliyopo sasa na kuamini kabisa kuwa tatizo ni kikundi cha Waislamu na hivyo nao wanapoona jina la Muislamu wanaanza kufikiria wafanye nini naye au watumie mbinu gani kutokumtendea haki kwa sababu tu ni Mwislamu.

Ndugu zangu, chuki ya kidini na kikabila ambayo inaenezwa na watawala walioko madarakani ni lazima ikataliwe na kila Mtanzania ambaye anakumbuka tunu za taifa letu. Chuki hizi zinapandikizwa kiujanja na wanasiasa walioshindwa hoja na hupepewa kama cherezi cha ubani na harufu yake mbovu hukumbatiwa na watu ambao hawataki kufikiri kwa kutumia chembe za ubongo walizojaliwa na Muumbaji wao.

Leo hii tunawasikia wanasiasa wakubwa wa CCM wakizungumza bila haya wala kupepesa macho kuwa “CHADEMA ni cha Wachagga” na chama chao hata kuwakemewa hakithubutu na wanasiasa wapo ambao hueneza sumu hii ili kuwatisha Watanzania wengine. Kinachoniudhi mimi zaidi ni kuwa serikali ya CCM ndio imeshika madaraka na ndiyo inatakiwa kusimamia sheria zetu.

Katiba ya Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania ambayo Rais Kikwete, Rashid Othman, Waziri Mkuu Pinda, IGP, DPP, Mwanasheria Mkuu, majaji na viongozi wote wa kisiasa nchini wameapa kuilinda inasema hivi katika Ibara ya 20:2(a) kuwa hakuna chama chochote cha kisiasa (au kikundi) nchini ambacho kitaandikishwa chenye misingi au malengo ya “kukuza na kupigania” i. (i) imani au kundi lolote la dini; (ii) kundi lolote la kikabila pahala watu watokeapo, rangi au jinsia.

Kama kweli watawala wetu ambao wanapigiwa saluti na kuhutubia kwa mbwembwe kuwa “Tanzania ni nchi ya utawala wa sheria” wanaamini kuwa walikula kiapo hatuna budi kuwauliza imekuwaje kuwe na Chama cha Wachagga ambacho kimeruhusiwa kushiriki uchaguzi na kushinda vizuri na kupata wabunge na madiwani wengi na kumsimamisha mgombea wa Urais ambaye alilindwa na vyombo vya dola wakati chama hicho ni cha kidini na cha kikabila?

Swali hili wanahitaji kuulizwa watetezi wa CCM na wapiga panda wake ambao hukesha kutuambia kuwa CHADEMA ni chama cha kikabila na kidini wamechukua hatua gani kukifuta chama hicho?

Nakumbuka Tendwa alitishia kuifuta CHADEMA si kwa sababu ya ukabila au udini wake bali kwa sababu ilikuwa imeing’ang’ania CCM kwa kuhoji matokeo ya uchaguzi mkuu wa mwaka jana.

Tunajiuliza huyu Tendwa kwanini hajawahi kusimama na kuliambia taifa kuwa CHADEMA ni kweli chama cha Wachagga na kinavunja sheria na Katiba na hivyo kinafutwa? Kwanini hatujawaona wale wenye kuamini kuwa CHADEMA ni chama cha Wakristu na Wachagga hajawasimama na kuandamana kutaka sheria ifuate mkondo ili chama hicho kifutwe mara moja na mimi nitawaunga mkono! Jibu pekee ambalo tutapatiwa ni kuwa “kauli hizo zinatolewa na wanasiasa”. Kwamba maneno ya kada mmoja wa CCM kuwa asingeweza kujiunga na CHADEMA kama ilivyodaiwa kwa sababu ni “Chama cha Wachagga” ni ya kisiasa na hayana uzito wowote.

Kwamba sumu inayoenezwa kwenye vyombo vya habari na radio maarufu nchini na kwenye hotuba mbalimbali za viongozi kadhaa kidini na kisiasa ni “uhuru wa maoni” basi tunalazimika kuhoji uwezo wa watawala wetu kuongoza. Katika suala la uhuru wa maoni kuna kanuni moja ambayo pale Marekani huwa wanaitumia sana kuzuia maoni yenye kuhatarisha usalama wa watu. Kwamba “huwezi kupiga kelele za ‘Moto Moto’ kwenye ukumbi uliojaa watu” wakati hakuna moto wowote na ukiulizwa useme ati “nilikuwa natumia haki yangu ya maoni”. Wale wanaotuambia “ukabila ukabila, udini na udini” kama hawamaanishi hicho na kama hakuna ushahidi wanachezea mchezo wa “moto moto”.

Kuwaendekeza hawa ni kuliandaa taifa kwa majanga kwani chuki dhidi ya Wachagga ambayo imepandikizwa kwa muda mrefu katika jamii fulani ya watu inazidi kukua na sasa kuna ushahidi imepitishwa kwenda kizazi cha pili. Tunakumbuka sisi wengine kuwa chuki hii ilikuwepo wakati wa Mwalimu hadi tume ya Mang’enya ikaundwa kufuatilia na sasa hivi wameibuka watu wengine ambao wanalindwa na watawala walioko madarakani kwa ajili ya kujipatia manufaa ya kisiasa wakiendeleza chuki dhidi ya Wachagga.

Watanzania ni lazima waanze kuwakataa viongozi hawa na wakati umefika kiongozi wa kisiasa yeyote atakayetoa kauli hizi na kushindwa kuthibitisha au kuchukua hatua kushughulikia wale wenye “ukabila” na “udini” ni lazima awajibishwe mara moja na hata ikibidi kuandamana kuwapinga. Ninaamini sasa CHADEMA wasivumilie tena tuhuma hizi ambazo wamezitolea ufafanuzi miaka nenda rudi lakini zinaendelea.

Akijitokeza tena kiongozi yeyote wa serikali ambaye atadai CHADEMA ni cha Wachagga, CHADEMA iitishe maandamano ya kumuondoa mtu huyo madarakani kwani hatuwezi kuendelea tena kuchezea tunu zetu za taifa ambazo nilizigusia katika toleo lililopita. Wakati umefika kuwakataa viongozi wa aina hiyo.

Na nina uhakika ukitaka kujua ni jinsi gani wana chuki dhidi ya Wachagga waulizeni mnataka CHADEMA iwafanye nini hao Wachagga walioko ndani yake? Mtashangaa watakavyojiuma meno kutafuta majibu. Hili nalo waulizwe wale wenye kudai kuwa CCM ni chama cha Waislamu.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda on Tuesday sentenced Rwanda’s former army chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Augustin Bizimungu, to 30 years in prison for ordering killings during the 1994 genocide. The tribunal, established by the United Nations and located in Arusha, Tanzania, also sentenced three other top officers; the presiding judge, Asoka de Silva, said General Bizimungu was responsible for the conduct of his subordinates. The indictment against the general said he gave an order “to exterminate the small cockroaches” on the first day of the 100-day genocide, in which an estimated 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered.


The students had gathered at the entrance to Kgari Sechele Senior Secondary School where the previous day they had threatened violence over the fact that they had not been taught because their teachers have joined other public service employees in the ongoing strike that is now in its third week.

"We were just standing peacefully waiting for our colleagues from other schools to join us. Then the police arrived and without warning started shooting," said a student.

Then all hell broke loose. Gathered in a place awash with stones, the irate students picked up the only weapons available to them and retaliated. The police found the missiles too much to bear. Their perspex shields offered little protection from the thousands of pellets from over 3,000 children. To add to their misery the police ran out of rubber bullets and teargas canisters. So they took to their heels, with the little boys and girls, like one mighty army, in hot pursuit. Finding themselves too far away from their vehicles and the police station - a good two kilometres away - the police took refuge in a local mini-mall and quickly closed the metal door leading into the mall. But the incensed boys and girls surrounded the shop and rained stones upon it as the police stood behind the barricaded metal door into the mall, trying in vain to block the missiles from outside.

The stone storm beat upon the building, many of the stones hitting and injuring the legs and feet of the men and women of the law. The shop owners realised that they could not just sit as stones whizzed by. They closed their shops and sneaked out through a back exit at Shoppers, which is the biggest store in the mini mall.

"Too many stones were landing into the shop and we were afraid that they (the stone throwers) would break our door, so we rolled down our trelli-door (burglar door) and sneaked our customers out through the backdoor as the students continued to pelt the police with stones," said Shoppers' Store Manager, Bernard Petrus.

Petrus, like three others who operate from the premises, would find his car's windows smashed, once the students' anger had burned itself out and they started dispersing and joining the public servants picketing at a local square.

And the marks of the mayhem remained for everyone to see: broken shop windows, farm produce, oranges, and other merchandise lay strewn all over, having been trampled upon or eaten by the marauding students.

"They took all my air time and oranges. All those peels that you see came from my oranges. I remain empty-handed," said a tearful airtime vendor. All her colleagues in the area suffered the same fate. "Imagine, they even chased away an old woman selling ditoo (black-eyed peas)," said another woman. The woman's ditoo dotted the entrance to the mall. And you would imagine the children either did not find the peas too tasty or they simply never realised they were trampling on the cuisine.

The road passing by the shop remained closed for some time as timid motorists avoided playing brave. A taxi driver, who had stood in the way as the students passed by, learnt the hard way after hundreds of missiles struck and broke his windows.

"Monna it does not help to think you are brave. Goliath died from a stone thrown by little David," someone quipped. At the square where the public employees were picketing a Good Samaritan gathered some of the injured children into his car and took them to hospital. The children: three boys aged 14, 16 and 17 and a 13-year-old girl. The girl had been shot in the belly, while the boys had been shot one in the chest, another in the shoulder and the last on the hand.

Two kilometres away from where the one-way battle had raged, Deputy Police Commissioner Ikotlhaeng Bagopi and senior officers from the police, among them Molepolole Station Commander Andrew Bosilong, Superintendent Mbayi of the Special Support Group, a captain from the BDF and an entourage from the District Commissioner's officer met in a crisis meeting. A stone's throw away from the crisis meeting, in another compound a group of about 20 children sat huddled together in an office as two police officers took turns to rebuke them.

"A kere le bona gore le dule setlhabelo sa ba bangwe?" [See now you have sacrificed yourselves on behalf of other people?]," a female police officer derided the wide-eyed juveniles as outside 12 officers, all barefooted, limped from a police combi with bandaged legs, knees and feet.

"A sona strike lo a se itse? A lo itse gore go tewa eng?" said another female officer, as she breathed down the necks of the children. One of the children later told The Monitor that he was picked up by the police on his way from lunch at home and had no inkling why he was arrested. He said that like most of his schoolmates, he was a student at Motswasele Junior Secondary School and that the police pounced upon him as he returned to school from lunch at home.

Back at the entrance to the Regional Police Headquarters, where the crisis meeting was taking place, a man, who had just disembarked from a government vehicle, shrieked loud enough for all to hear about how careless the police officer in charge of the police, who battled with children, had been.

"The police found the children standing by peacefully. And the officer would not even listen to the District Commissioner who was asking him to first talk with the children and not just attack them, but he pushed aside the District Commissioner and ordered his men to open fire. See now what has happened?" he said as several battle-ready riot police listened. It would later turn out that the "District Commissioner" referred to was, in fact, a District Officer. Then someone called one of the men standing at the entrance. One of the police officers had just been released after he was found crouching in one of the stores. The owners returned to find the officer, still scared out of his wits, in the store.

"The guy is lucky that the owners came back. He would have spent the night in shop," the message receiver said to his colleague, mirth written on his face. "Leso legolo ditshego rra!" [to avoid crying at the sound of bad news, we laugh] said the other man as they both laughed at the apparent cowardice of the constable.

Deputy Commissioner Bagopi finished his meeting to find a group of journalists waiting for him at the entrance.

He said the situation was difficult, as a number of things had gone wrong. However, he was quick to say that the officer, who ordered the police to shoot, had not been careless.

"We need to appreciate that currently there is a peaceful strike by public officers. However, we also need to appreciate that a strike can degenerate into a riot as a catalyst can come from anywhere...the children were expected to be at school and not picketing. The fact that they were picketing shows that the authorities that should normally manage them had not been able to manage them, thus it was important that the police had to come in...in this country the law is sacrosanct and you don't march unless you have a permit," he said. However he admitted that a number of things could have been done better. One of those was the arrest of the children who were interrogated in the absence of their parents or social workers.

"I have instructed that the kids be freed to their parents," he said. It would be another two hours after the order, and further intervention by council authorities and the DC's office before the children could be freed. The situation remains calm but uncertain.