Tuesday, November 1, 2011


In his second letter, Saif-Al-Islam: "We have not surrendered and we will continue and yo
u will be hearing lots from us."

According to Seven Days News, after the proliferation of rumors of a surrender to the International Criminal Court, in a letter to the agency Seven Days News, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, has denied rumors about his surrender to the ICC.

Saif al-Islam said: "Some people believe that we were captured while others say that the Brother Abdallah Sanousi is out of Libya. Based this assumption, how then we engage the ICC?"

Saif al-Islam said that he could not betray his father, who never surrendered to the enemy and he never betrayed Omar Mukhtar, who always repeated "We never give up .. We win or we die."

Saif al-Islam again said that the media war is very strong in order to demoralize honorable Libyans and sow doubt in them, and asked them to be patient for two months to ease the crisis.

He added, "The scope of what happened in Libya, betrayal and shock led Libyans to believe rumors, but we say to all those who loved Muammar Gaddafi and are always faithful, and to the millions who are among those harassed and repressed in the name of 'democracy', - we tell them they should trust the Libyan Resistance. The TNC can not stop lying: once Gaddafi escaped and once he negotiated surrender - and now everyone knows their game."

He added, "They denied Libya a future based on Unity and Love, and they wanted the Libya of tomorrow to be based on sacrifices and hunting traitors and we are ready".

In conclusion, Saif al-Islam in his message to his supporters said: "When Libyan leader Moammar Kadhafi told you to continue to resist, even if you do not hear his voice, he had decided to remain resistant in Sirte with heroism and courage but he could not speak because of a power and telecommunications blackout.
But as for me, I continue with the resistance and you'll be hearing a lot from me, insha'Allah".

"We will finish what Omar Mukhtar and Moummar Gaddafi began, the Libyan resistance is in excellent shape and Libya of tomorrow is ours and Allahu Akbar!"


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