Tuesday, November 22, 2011


By Debbie Schlussel

I told you this would happen.

Let’s hear it for the “civilized” “liberal democrats [small "l," small "d"] that Barack Obama ushered into power in Libya. They captured Qaddafi son, Seif Al-Islam, and already chopped off three of his fingers. But don’t pay attention to that because Barack Obama and the Wall Street Journal’s favorite Shi’ite, Fouad Ajami, say the new “Springtime for Arabs” Libyans are like Patrick Henry, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.

Thanks, Obama!: Libya’s Islamic Democrats/Amputators in Action on Qaddafi Son

Yup, these “freedom-loving democrats” already chopped off his fingers, will probably sodomize him endlessly. But, no worries, they are the “new Libyans” who will give him a fair trial. So, what was it they were telling us about Muammar Qaddafi being a barbarian? This is civilized? Aren’t ya glad billions in American firepower was used to hand over Libya to these wonderful “Jeffersonian” Muslim savages? And you think America’s Muslims are different from the Libyan ones because . . . ? Newsflash: they ain’t no different.

Libyan rebels reportedly cut 3 fingers off the right hand of Saif al Islam al Qaddafi, son of Libyan former leader Qaddafi, after they arrested him 2 days ago.

Rebel sources said Saif was captured in the Obari region south of Libya, where he was preparing to flee to Niger. He was discovered in an old house with twelve companions including the son of Libyan former security forces’ chief, Al Sanousi.

Saif apparently did not resist even though he and his group had guns. He surrendered calmly but appeared to be fearful of being killed in the same way his father and brother were killed one month ago.

Saif, 39, appeared in photos and video with what appeared to be heavily bandaged fingers. He told a TV channel that he was injured by a NATO attack.

The current Libyan rulers asked the rebels to treat Saif as a prisoner of war and not to abuse him but it appears that they cut off his fingers in retaliation for the numerous times Saif had threatened Libyans opposing his father’s rule by jabbing his finger in the air or at the people “in a threatening, insulting and provocative manner.”


A Libyan rebel said that his colleagues cut off three fingers of the right hand of Saif Al Islam, surviving son of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

He did so, allegedly because Saif pointed his finger at the rebel in a threatening manner.

Meanwhile ‘Al Mashahad Al Leeby’ programme in a joint broadcast with ‘Libya TV’ and ‘Libya FM’ reported that Abdullah Al Zentan said he personally witnessed the “cuting off of the fingers of Saif Al Islam”.

Religion of peace, right? How much did we spend to hand Libya over to these barbarians? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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