Monday, October 24, 2011


"Tumlilie Gaddafi'' POEM
Dr Dalay Peter Kafumu

I had a dream that the death of Gaddafi is a seed for the unification of Africa,
It is a wake up call for African leaders to mend and stop a fragmented Africa,
To heal Africa that is tormented by globalization statutes and mystica,
People of Africa must cry before the Holy Throne of God for a United Africa,
As we mourn Gaddafi we must endevour to eradicate oppression from Africa,

The people of Africa must remember hundred and twenty years in the past,
West domination in a conference in Berlin fragmented the African Continent,
African countries since then was colonized and put under a painful start,
Each country wa ruled and manourveered individually to deepened its lone root,
Colonialism disregarded that Africa was one people and one Continent.

Africa emerged from colonialism and was to begin the union struggle,
The struggle for the African togetherness, unity, freedom and independence,
Nkurumah, Lumumba and Nyerere, as Fathers of African Unity came,
And all wanted the unification of Africa to be one as it was before,
But they encountered the new world economic order as a stiff resistance.

In our midst stood neo-colonialism in form of support strain,
Globalization came as a gizmo and weapon for domination,
Brain drain out of Africa was a giant beast at its elevation,
Africa intensified the struggle for economic freedom to sustain,
But the economic freedom of lone countries was in suppression.

As they struggled, world economic giants expressed hidden joy,
They continued to rejoice in Africa's suffering, torments and agony,
They set massive arsenal to these poor countries to destroy,
Africa became a market for, political manoeuvre and technology,
Hour by hour, day by day; poorer Africa became each passing year.

As a Leader of the African Union; Gaddafi was a dazzling light in the Libyan capital,
A light that wanted Africa united; against all traits of neo-colonial cynical,
Before African leaders united; and took the lead to embrace the unification call,
Gaddafi was vanquished by NEO-COLONIAL mighty; the dream for one Africa fell,
A wave of revolution in the name of democracy has engulfed countries in the Sahel.

Gaddafis' call was vivid and clearer as the African Union was a vehicle to compel,
To let globalization be the vehicle of a regional grouping and strengthen trail,
Now African Leaders need to rekindle the tempo for unification to grow tall,
Gaddafi remains an icon of one Africa that will on that day stand on the union stall,
The day Africa will be the United States of Africa to dominate the economic ball.

By: Dr Dalaly Peter Kafumu


The world is indeed full of wonders.

Dr. Azaveli Lwaitama

A tribute to Gaddafi from a person who has been cooperating with Western multinational mining companies in stealing all Africa's minerals on the cheap and who has just so-called won a by-election in Igunga on a ticket of a political party that abandoned socialism and non-alignment as long a ago as 1991 when it shelved the Arusha Declaration an embraced the Zanzibar decisions that allowed capitalist tycoons like the former MP for Igunga who had occasioned the Igunga by-election by resigning his MPship due to being hounded out of the NEC leadership of the same party due to what he called dirty politics!!! Now this same mining expert has abandoned his technocratic job and decided to be a politician under the flag of a party controlled largely by rich tycoons who are close friends of American companies like Richmond and Symbion!

The world is really full of wonders and ordinary folks are really thought to be very gullible ....

So Gaddafi was removed by the bad old imperialists who are helping us out with mosquito net in the fight against malaria and we are proud when our leader is praised by them .....

So we were all revolutionaries fighting against neo-colonialism when we kept quite when Gaddafi was preparing grounds for his sons to take over the rule of Libya when he died?

So we are now shedding revolutionary crocodile tears on account of Gaddafi's capture and murder, eh? And yet, just a few weeks ago, we did not like any poems when our leaders invited the USA military to Zanzibar to conduct so-called exercises with our East African armies, eh?

And of course we are not disturbed by the fact that in some respects the ruling party has on occasion be allowed run more and more like a private family affair of our dear leader, eh?

And we cannot say anything about it least we are seen as lacking in deep respect and love for our dear leader, eh? The world is indeed full of wonders, because the death of a poor Chadema young man at the hands of political zealots who purportedly were supportive of the so-calling winning of the Igunga by-election by the ruling party did not move us to write emotional poems about the dream of One Africa, did it?

And we have the nerve to criticize the Libyan fighters who have killed this lunatic tyrant who yes did indeed support the establishment of the AU?

The world is indeed full of wonders!

It is ok for ourselves to cooperate with the Western imperialist and neo-colonist enemy in the fight against malaria and Somali pirates but it is wrong for the Libyan NTC Freedom Fighters to cooperate with the same diabolical, yes diabolical, enemy to remove a lunatic Libyan tyrant, eh? Who is being taken for a ride, here?

Dr. Azaveli Lwaitama

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