Thursday, October 13, 2011


DAR ES SALAAM - The Tanzanian Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (TCGCC) condemned here on Wednesday the brutal killing of a Chinese female national by a group of armed robbers in the broad daylight in a crowded area the previous day.

The deceased, identified as Han Bing, an accountant of N.A Group in Tanzania engaged in motorcycle and tobacco business, was shot a few meters away from the factory on Kurasini road on her way to the bank on Tuesday morning.

Three thugs, one with a gun, shot twice at the Toyota RAV4 the victim was driving, with one bullet shattering the glass and the other fatally injured the victim in the head.

"The way the crime is committed is a serious challenge to the laws and the law enforcement force in this country, which could eventually scare away serious investors," said Zhu Jinfeng, the chairman of the TCGCC.

"We want to assure the investors of their safety and rebuild their confidence by working with the police to bring all those responsible to justice," he said.

Several armed thugs robbed of a Chinese clinic in Sinza on Wednesday morning and looted million of Tanzanian shillings and computers.

The two incidents occurred only a day after the police force launched an initiative to build a safe Dar es Salaam by inviting enterprises and individuals to sponsor the under-equipped force.

TCGCC along with its member enterprises made a donation worth 15 million shillings to the police on Monday.

Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania Liu Xingsheng expressed regrets for the tragedy, calling for more efforts to improve the security of the country's economic capital.

The Chinese Embassy has urged all the Chinese nationals here to abide by the laws of Tanzania and to seek peaceful co-existence with their Tanzanian counterparts, which in turn entitles them safety, security and protection.

"We are concerned about the more frequent robberies targeting the Chinese nationals working and living in Tanzania and we call on the government to take active measures to provide safer and more secure environment for the investors," he noted.

According to police sources, one suspect is currently in the police custody and the investigation and hunting for those at large are still going on.

The TCGCC is also planning a massive memorial service for the victim, including a peaceful demonstration next week.


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