Friday, October 28, 2011


Photo: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Libyan National Security Advisor Mutassim Qaddafi, before celebrating his death and the betrayal of Libya

No matter your religion: truth is truth. We are now living in times when ignorance is portrayed as strength, slavery as freedom and war as peace. But who is it that is waging war and calling it peace? Who is it spouting ignorance and thinking it is strength? Who is it bringing slavery and calling it freedom?

A handful of fascist slaves filled with hatred and ignorance, who love war, who envy those who are strong, free and who love and promote peace.

That much is obvious to any observer who lands on this Earth from another planet, or indeed anyone who takes the time to open their eyes and look.

It is also increasingly obvious to millions more with each passing day, that this man driving around in an open air car in April this year in Tripoli, Libya, without security, without fear, in the second month of non-stop bombing from 10km in the air, who lost his 3 baby grandchildren all under 2 years of age and his youngest son, just weeks after this was filmed, thanks to endless NATO bombs that struck his house, is the man of Peace, Strength and Freedom.

They are taking up his ideas and practical solutions to the world's problems, and discovering the truth about Libya, and they will demand answers as to how a country, the United States of America, can be so corrupt and barbaric as to allow a lawyer to rise to the position of Secretary of State, and in front of the whole world, say she is thrilled by murder, torture, and death -- without due process, without rights, in flagrant violation of all basic principles of law, life and liberty, and how it is that she has not had her law license revoked, and how it is that not one lawyer, judge, organization or individual has taken any case against her for incitement to murder, chaos and turning all basic civilizational values on their head.

Watch this man, Muammar Qaddafi, giving a speech in front of leaders, on the US Invasion of Iraq:

One of the most common ways the US media demonizes Gaddafi - and other leaders whom the US govt hates - is by calling them delusional, irrational, crazy, etc.

Does Gaddafi sound insane to you? Does he not sound reasonable?

And what about this one, Hillary Clinton, aka "Killary Killinton", after seeing the videos of a man captured, abused, beaten, tortured and shot while in custody, does Clinton look sane to you (pause the video at exactly 1 second to see the facial expression) and watch the body language of this person, and is the one who interviews her and laughs, a balanced, sound, sane journalist?

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