Friday, September 30, 2011


There is reportedly a big rift between Obsessions Ronnie Mulindwa and his chic Sharon O. Sources close to the family have revealed that Ronnie, dad to Sharon’s son Lisbon, is unhappy with the kind of celebrity status his wife is starting to get.

We were told; “He has confided in a few friends and is really insecure that Sharon no longer has time for the family. She is up and down doing personal projects.” This is isn’t surprising considering Ronnie was always uneasy while Sharon was participating in the M-Net reality TV show, Big Brother Amplified in South Africa.
However that has incensed Ronnie the more is that these days she is
traveling in and out of the country for her own personal projects. It should be noted that just recently the Big Brother Ugandan representative was paid a handsome figure to appear at a social event in Nigeria.

She also spent a few more days in big cities like Lagos with friends. This weekend, she is rumoured to be jetting off to South Africa where she was invited by a
top fashion and beauty firm to appear in the shooting of a promo commercial for its products.

A family source included; “She recently
purchased a brand new Nissa Murano UAQ 566P, she was at Jomayi Property Consults offices in Old Kampala on Thursday inquiring about purchasing land, so her life is on the up and Ronnie doesn’t like it.”

Remember, Sharon who came fifth in the continental TV showpiece also bagged approximately Shs 26m for making it to the finale. Could the couple be about to split?


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