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By Kaka Steven Rameses Sharra.

It is not an exaggeration; this is rather a reflection of current world events and in particular North East Africa in the time we are living.To have dignity we must be more than beggers. I have meditated for quite long time on the issue of what has been happening there before the riots broke out in London.

Since nobody wants to take the bull by it's horns then my research on the hunger crisis/draught in North East Africa in particular Somalia took me to the bigger picture than what the corporate media wants us to believe.

No one can excuse the systemic failures, which have been the sore spot of that region. If one goes back in history and read from the Papyrus of Hunefer we can see that this region was once a great Agricultural region around 2000BC.However the region has been changing climatically since then and the people obviously but not necessarily in the same direction of the evolutionary path.

Looking at this problem in NE Africa we have identified 8 different levels of failure as this tragedy was unfolding; from the family level, the street level, village level, district level, provisioncial level, state level, continental level and finally at the world level. The first 3 levels are exempted from criticism and only deserve sympathy and solidarity. Everybody knows that with the absence of a stronger central government all other levels of government can be expected to be incompetent due to lack of accountability or can be non-existent.

Unlikely on the continental level we have issues here with clowning and incompetence. The useless O.A.U (organisation of African unity) which has now been replaced with the functionless and powerless A.U (African unity) has failed to strategise on natural disasters like these knowing that the mother earth is changing climatically and our continent is no exception. They have failed even to get rid of the tight nation boarders, which have forced people to live in areas, which have been drying up for decades in effect preventing them from moving out of natural disasters path. Territorial boarders makes sense because they will allow people to migrate to near water sources without fearing persecution from crossing borders without permission/visas. After all this is how Africans used to relate to each other before any outside interference. The O.A.U and the A.U have also failed to train people on various aspects of dealing with natural disasters which are perceived to be possible on the continent. This has made it possible for the images we have been seeing on TV recently and in the past. The A.U should take the brunt for the failure to foresee this or ignoring the facts, as the disaster was unfolding knowing that for over 30 years that region has been unstable politically and climatically. One must also not forget that 300 miles from the disaster area the Nile River passes through on its way to the Mediterranean Sea. Further down Lake Nyanza which they pitifully name it lake Victoria has one of the largest fresh water reserves in the world. This is the broken legacy we have inherited confining us to a life of shame and eternal slavery.

The 8th level of failure has to do with all other factors which are beyond the people of that region. This is world stage level, which I rather refer to it as top-level deception. Here we have seen one of the greatest charades in human history.

In 2007 a report by Oxfam warned that 1bn people were already going hungry worldwide. The charity ''Growing A Better Future'' also in the same year said the price of staples such as maize, rice, wheat, millet, sorghum and legumes will rise by 120% and 180% by 2030.Its statistics showed that 1 in 7 people in the world go hungry everyday despite the fact the world is capable of feeding everyone. The report finished with the line '' it looks like the world is sleepwalking towards an avoidable age of crisis. The report also predicted that the world poorest will be hit hardest because they spend up to 80% of their income on food.

The question is who is to blame? The combined factors of climatic change, population rise, increasing energy prices, more demands for meat and dairy products, competitions for land from bio fuels, mining industry and wars appears to be the one to blame. Also by far the disaster in N.E AFRICA has been fuelled by what has been happening in the capitalist world.

In its bid to clean and clear itself of guiltiness the capitalist world devised a sinister idea of turning foodstuffs into fuels for automobiles and machinery. This is nothing other than the internationalization of premature death from hunger and thirsty. Why is this so while everybody has been banging on about how good for the environment the bio fuels will be? The simple truth is like in N.E Africa we already have many regions around the world, which have not seen rains for decades, and they have no sufficient renewable water resources. With 1bn people already going hungry one would have thought the priority was a strategic plan to solve the food crisis before we dealt with what kind of fuel is to be used by cars in rich capitalist countries.

That sinister idea of turning foodstuffs into fuel was adopted and established as the economic strategy of the U.S foreign policy on may 26th 2007.The empire was bragging that the U.S.A was now (then) the 1st world producer of ethanol using corn and wheat as raw material. Since then Hundreds of factories have been built or enlarged in the U.S.A just for that purpose. As you know wherever the empire goes the E.U (European union) follows, therefore various countries of the E.U also announced the experimentation on establishing factories and industries where they are now using all types of cereals, wheat, sunflower seeds, rapesseds and other food stuffs to produce fuels. Some countries even went further saying that for Europe it will be a good business to import the entire soybean production of the world to reduce the cost of fuel for their automobiles and feed their animals with the wastes of that legume which has high content of essential amino acids.

Of course all of this is/will be happening after a great number of investment, which can only be afforded by the most powerful capitalist countries, and powerful companies whose operations are based on consumption of electricity and fuel. Let this formula be applied to the third world countries and the world will see how many hungry people on this planet will cease to consume corn. What is worse, let the poor countries receive some financing to produce ethanol from corn or any other type foodstuffs and very soon not a single tree will be left standing to protect humanity from climate change. The disaster in N.E Africa is a warning of what is coming if we don’t learn. This is the bigger picture missing from the media and all their money grabbing schemes. How can anyone be proclaiming to be saving the children for over 30 years and never to find the lasting permanent solution?

According to IMF (international monetary fund) and the WORLD BANK the economy in Africa grew by 4.9% annually for the last 4 years despite the recession. This high economic growth enjoyed by many African states have not led to the eradication of poverty, this is because the growth did not happen in sectors where poor people work as in agriculture or in rural areas where poor people lives or simply did not involve labour provided by the wretched poor. The type of growth they considered because they have direct interests in is investment in oil, mineral extraction, hotels and tourism. It exclude access to healthcare, free education, availability of food, illiteracy eradication, increase in export and manufacturing industries.

The buffoon leaders of Africa have failed to even learn the simplest of all truth which is ''everything which has come out of the European capitalist system/nucleus (philosophy and ideology) was and is meant for European capitalist domination and control of the world''. Africa has fed Europe before when the Nile valley was a great agricultural region hence the name ''the bread basket of the Roman empire''. This May 2011 the NEWSCIENTIST magazine reported that China, India and Saudi Arabia has lately leased vast tracts of land in sub -Saharan Africa at a knockdown prices. Their primary aim is to grow food abroad using the water that the African countries don’t have the infrastructure to exploit. Doing so is cheaper and easier than using water resources back home. The report also singled out Saudi Arabia (''so called the great Muslim nation'') having leased 376,000 hectares of land in Sudan to grow wheat and rice at the same time it cut wheat production at home soil which has dwindling water resources. Anyone who has been wandering what the Darfur crisis is for can now fill in the gaps or connect the dots to get the clear bigger picture.


Lets get one thing clear, there is no relationship between genes and criminality. Crime grows out of social-political conditions mainly due to inequality. The groups that appear to be at disadvantage seem to be the breeding ground for reactionary individuals and groups. A crime is a crime and it can never be justified. Clearly the politicians have been saying it all but just one word short of affirming that there is a link between criminality and ethnicity. If you read between the lines you will see what I am talking about. Even if it is so what about the crimes the western capitalist countries have committed or are still committing to this day in all 3rd world countries? These crimes range from genocidal wars, pre-emptive actions, and elections fraud to economic treacheries and extortion via the low tariffs prices for goods and raw materials from developing countries. This is what the '' respected'' historian David Starkey pretended not to know or decided to ignore when he officially wore the badge of of bigot.

What happened in London was a culmination of years of resentment and bad relationship between police and local communities. Stereotyping has always been the problem; I can speak about this from personal experience. The reactionary aspect due to the shootings of unarmed man sitting in a taxi and later on the escalation of the riots in different parts of London and finally in the top5 big cities in U.K were an opportunity dished out to the youths who while on their schools holiday have been disillusioned by the current ongoing government budget cuts which have affected youth clubs and projects which used to keep them busy and occupied. The whole thing moved fast and the original purpose of the protest was lost in translation after they found it was too easy to do it and even gain from it while making a mockery of the judicial system of the country. It was almost like a morphic resonance phenomenone. Both parties (politicians, police and community leaders) missed the boat. Community leaders spoke on the disbelief on seeing their kids destroying their own community and the corporation businesses. What they seem to forget is these youths don’t have a legacy to inherit and subconsciously they knew that, this is why they went about doing their business the way they did. Speaking of the people of my own race we really don’t own or don’t have anything set up in place to call it inherited legacy from the forerunners who reached these shores before our generation was born. No disrespect I acknowledge that the struggle was hard back in the days but did we settle for? Lack of culture continuity meant most elders were happy to settle as part of the British Empire. All other ethnic groups were clear on what being part of British Empire is. Instead of pushing for economic freedom, capital, business creation and more higher education we found ourselves diverted to an abstract struggle with the police and other racist factions in the country. Decades passed until the 1981 riots which other than drawing attention to the cause did achieve very little or nothing. Freedom is never granted, it is fought for. Meanwhile every other ethnic group made sure they got out with something they could leave as legacy to their offsprings. They secured biuldings, started businesses with their original mother countries and even helped to change the British cuisine. In short they established ethnic groups economy where money earned elsewhere was being spent within their own communities. Things were a little different on our side because to this day our status quo has not moved even one iota from the early days.

Honourable Marcus Garvey taught us many things and if I can quote him then I will use a line out of his philosophy and opinions. He said '' to have DIGNITY, wherever we are, we must control the economy on that spot''. This didn’t happen /has not happened due to the fact that Marcus Garvey was well ahead of his time and own time now. It is a fact that blacks don’t own any businesses of any consequences enough to provide apprenticeship employment to our youths. Instead of the community leaders going around condemning the youths and in subsequent echoing the criminalization of the underprivileged the government they should have asked themselves why cant we provide the employment our youths needed to feel secured? They should have prepared for this time by creating industries and businesses, which could have provided employment and a sense of pride. Criminalising and condemnations wont solve a thing. What effectively the youths said to their elders was they are not going to suffer peacefully. What I cannot excuse is the excessive violence, which led to the loss of lives in London and Birmingham.

It is time now we see things as they are and not as they appear to be. Marcus Garvey was trying to teach us that wherever we are (outside of Africa) we should always see ourselves as a nation within a nation. Nationalism and tribalism will be combined into Pan-Afrikanism. With this, our former GLORY and DIGNITY will be restored. This is why I titled this reflection '' for the deaf who wont listen''

N.B Hon. MARCUS GARVEY birthday was .(17/08/1887)

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