Thursday, July 28, 2011


Dar es Salaam — The general manager of state-owned Shirika la Usafiri Dar es Salaam (UDA), Mr Victor Milanzi, reiterated yesterday that the new investor in the public transport firm had 'invaded' the firm's headquarters at Kurasini without paying fully for the 51 per cent majority shareholding.

He said the mayor was cooperating with the owners of Simon Group Limited to tarnish his image because he was reluctant to let the new investor acquire UDA's majority shareholding as the company was yet to pay the required amount of money as directed by its board of directors. The government owns 49 per cent shares of UDA.

Mr Milanzi said he was receiving death threats through his phone from anonymous people, following the controversial privatisation of the state-owned firm, which has assets worth Sh12 billion."I received messages threatening me with death if I don't hand UDA's ownership over to Simon Group Limited," claimed Mr Milanzi adding that he had already reported the matter to the Chang'ombe Police Station.

But when contacted by The Citizen through his mobile phone for comment, Mr Massaburi hung up his phone after the reporter introduced himself. Subsequent calls went unanswered.However, during the press conference Mr Milanzi argued that the legal owners of the company could be Dar es Salaam City Council which has 51 per cent shares, followed by the Treasury Registrar with 49 per cent.

The company was given four months to pay the second instalment, but failed to do so, which consequently gave UDA management the power to forfeit money and sell the shares to another investor.

"The mayor and owners of Simon Group Limited, who have a close link with a long-serving minister, held a meeting and made the decision without consulting a full council meeting," Mr Milanzi claimed.

However, he called on councillors to take a bold action against the controversial ownership of the firm for the public's benefit.

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