Thursday, June 23, 2011


Re: The Settlement of the £29.5 Million to Tanzanian People

I understand that BAE Systems has formed an advisory board on Tanzania chaired by Lord Cairns in line with the settlement agreement with the UK 's Serious Fraud Office (SFO), approved by the UK’s High Court in December 2010. As part of the settlement BAE Systems agreed to pay the sum of £29.5 million for the benefit of the people of Tanzania.

I am aware that a group of Tanzania all party parliamentarians have visited Britain to press for the payment of the settlement of 29.5 million pounds through the Tanzania’s Government rather than Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

As a Tanzanian citizen, I am monitoring this issue very closely, I want to express my strong support to BAE System for its decision to return the money to the Tanzanian people through NGO's instead of the same tainted corrupt Tanzanian Government officials. Please bear in that this all party parliamentarians visit in Britain is costing us already.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Your sincerely,


Leonie Foster, BAE Systems
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MOHAMED M. said...

It makes sense in a way since the same government mess up in the first time and again is requesting back huge funds .

There is big doubt if funds once returned to government will do anything meaningful to people or it will end in pockets of few as usual.

Where is funds that were returned through EPA scandal ???

Just too much with fake games.Our elders teach us good things not CORRUPTION and SELFISH.

ned said...
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ned said...
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ned said...

I will have to disagree on this one and say: NO TO BAE plan!
BAE pretends to care for Tanzanians - well they DO NOT CARE squart!
It was revealed way back when Clare Short started making some noise on this deal that, the Tanzanian govt WAS "coerced" into this deal! It was in the context of this "coercion" that Tanzania got involved with BAE! Of course we had our share of home-grown selfish -idiotic crooks who were more than happy to colluded with BAE!!! BUT IT IS A FACT that; IT WAS BAE in the first place who, created the environment, manipulated the systems (both in UK and Tz), facilitated and executed the scheme!
THEY cared more about their own pockets and big bellies than they cared about us! CAn someone please give me a good reason to trust them now??
BAE was so much a coward! They knew they would be caught with their hands in the cookie jar - and they worked hard to reach an "out of court settlement" - why? because they cared more about their own skin than ours! Can someone please give me a good reason to trust them now?
THEIR actions! Though out this deal; tells me ONE thing! THEY DO NOT REALLY CARE ABOUT US! I will guarantee you...all they care at the moment is to find a way for that money to stay in the UK (so they can get their fat tax-breaks!!!) - again on our expense!!! Ohh my fellow countrymen - when will ever see this???
OK... I would probably think otherwise if they would have argued to disburse the money to and through Tanzanians NGO! But NO they want to disburse "our" money to UK NGO - what with the British NGO if it is NOT for selfish desires?
To fellow Tanzanians:
I know, we are all tired of the few crooks who keep stealing our money to fill their already bloated stomachs! BUT...jamani TUNAWAMUDU hawa!!! Infact It is our responsibility to make sure they ALL end up in Jail for a very long time' WE CAN make sure we liquidate their EVERYTHING (including teeth if possible) - YES WE CAN! IT IS our responsibilities as Tanzanians to find ways to put these few crooks in jail! Friends... We haven't been successful because most of us do not care! Tunalalamika tu; tunapiga makelele sana hali tumejigubika mablanketi!! Tukitoka nje - tofauti! Tunaona mtu anafanya ufisadi wa dhahiri! badala ya kuhakikisha anaozea jela na pesa yetu anatoa; tunamwona mjanja na tunamsifia... and then we think we can rely on a european crook to help us! - really? au kwa vile ni mzungu?
Friends NO NATION has ever developed by relying on foreigners on anything!!! As a people we need to change!! Infact I am convinced this is probably one of the major reasons why we are still where we are 50 years after independence! Tunategemea sana hawa watu wa nje!!
FOlks: This is OUR money... our hard earned money! It IS OUR money and It is OUR responsibility to make sure it reaches the intended!
To rely on BAE (who schemed to steal from us in the first place) - just so I can starve a handful of Tanzanians crooks (who should be behind bars anyway) is lack of confidence, laziness and simply immaturity!
It is from this perspective that I see BAE's proposition as a raw Insult to me as a Tanzania! I find it hard to comprehend; leave alone understand the logic. It fails to connect... trusting a mzungu crook in lieau of committing to put to jail a few Tanzanian crooks? - wow!

It is time to wake up folks!