Friday, March 4, 2011


The 74-year-old leader is infamous for his flamboyant ways with women.

A picture taken on June 4, 2004 shows Berlusconi and his now-estranged wife Lario in Rome. Before she filed for divorce, Lario and Berlusconi had many public spats. Two years ago, she published a letter to him in an Italian paper. In the letter, she publicly scolded him for his flirtatious behavior and the disrespect it showed toward her and her children. The letter received wide media coverage, and Berlusconi was forced to publish a letter of apology.

This picture taken late April 2009 shows Noemi Letizia, a young aspiring model, posing in her parents' home with a photo signed by Berlusconi and wearing the gold and diamond necklace given by Berlusconi for her 18th birthday. When reports of Berlusconi attending the teenager's birthday party became public, his then wife Lario released a statement to Italy's ANSA news agency, saying, "It surprised me very much [...] because he never came to the 18th of any of his children, even though he was invited." Lario filed for divorce soon afterwards

Minister Mara Carfagna attends a press conference for the Pink Box Project held at Palazzo Marino on November 24, 2008 in Milan, Italy. A former topless model and arguably the most famous among Berlusconi's babes, Carfagna became Minister for Equal Opportunities last year. Two years ago, Berlusconi's then-wife Veronica Lario caused a media firestorm when she flew into a rage at her husband after he told Carfagna at an awards show, "I'd go anywhere with you, even to a desert island. If I weren't already married, I would marry you straight away."

Italian actress Eleonora Gaggioli attends the third day of Roma Fiction Festival 2008 on July 9, 2008 in Rome, Italy. Gaggioli was proposed as a future member of the European Parliament by Berlusconi in June of this year.

Italian actress Elena Russo attends the 2008 Wind Music Awards at Villa Giulia on June 3, 2008 in Rome, Italy. Russo was hired by the Italian government in February of this year to appear in a PR campaign about Naples. In 2008, a series of leaked tapes showed Berlusconi trying to find work for her, and seeming to put pressure on state television directors to hire the actress

Barbara Matera attends the Blugirl show as part of Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2009 on February 26, 2009 in Milan, Italy. Matera, an ex-Miss Italy contestant and presenter on the Italian state TV channel, Rai, was chosen by Berlusconi as a prospective member of the European Parliament, to represent the Italian government

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is well-known for his vanity, his verbal gaffes, and above all, his Casanova-style manners. Despite his behavior landing him frequently in the tabloids, the 72-year-old shows no signs of slowing down as far as his flirtatious ways with women are concerned. An undated Big Brother handout made available on 04 May 2009 shows Angela Sozio, a Miss Italy contender and Big Brother celebrity. Sozio was invited by Berlusconi in June to be a candidate representing his party in the European Parliament elections. Two years prior to that, she hit the headlines when a paparazzo snapped her walking hand-in-hand with Berlusconi in Sardinia.

Teen prostitute Karima el-Mahroug, better known as Ruby the Heartbreaker, is at the center of a scandal involving Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Prosecutors are investigating accusations that the premier paid for sex at his Milan villa.


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